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  • Day 22 of Jacob's Journey: Hot Potato

    Posted on July 26, 2012

    July 26, 1819

    Another invention I have drummed up this summer is what I'm fondly calling the Authentic Potato Baker. Why, with all the travelin' light, I'm finding I'm able to create every day, all day, with only breaks for meals, "shut eye", and ahem--when nature calls! Imagine enjoying scrumptious potatoes baked just right with a crispy outer skin and fluffy inside, slathered with butter and sour cream, or any topping your heart desires. The prongs help cook the potatoes from the inside out. Why, family and friends can gather 'round the fire not just for warm and hearty, wholesome potatoes, but chats about the crops over a game or two of cards. I just have to share my invention with my fellow citizens throughout our great nation! Amongst other products, it was put together here by American hands with tender lovin' care. Check out this fine relic for yourself.

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  • Day 21 of Jacob's Journey: The Great Blueberry Festival and Bakeoff

    Posted on July 20, 2012

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    July 20, 1819

    Along the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pioneer and I stumbled upon a sweet surprise. For summer is blueberry season, and the city was putting on a big to-do called the Great Blueberry Festival and Bakeoff. Why, there were pies, cakes, cobblers, iced tea and all manner of things blueberry. Who would gander that a down-home gathering could be organized around this one food?

    I tried so many blueberry goodies that I don't doubt my tongue will be stained purple until September! After tasting so many treats it was tougher than boot leather to choose a favorite, but I finally chose one that can be baked in my very own Legendary Bread Pan: the Double Blueberry Cake, a succulent loaf that was topped with a lemony blueberry sauce. Mmmmmm!

    If you want to try this cake out for yerself, click here for the recipe from Happy blueberry pickin' and eatin'!

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  • Introducing Mrs. Bromwell's Baking Set

    Posted on July 18, 2012

    Folks, in these trying times, I spect' that most of you could benefit from saving all the pennies that you can. That's why I'm jo fired to announce four new Jacob Bromwell product sets. My new product sets package several items together for one sweet price. These sets are called The Family Camping Set, The Ultimate Collectors Set, Jacob's Fireplace Set and my personal favorite, Mrs. Bromwell's Baking Set.

    That last one was inspired by the missus' favorite Jacob Bromwell items that she uses the most often on the Bromwell homestead. You've got yerself one each of the following: the stainless steel All-American Flour Sifter, Homestead Rolling Pin made of American maple, aluminum Heritage Cooking Sheet, Golden Era Pie Plate, and a Pike's Peek Cooling Rack.

    All of these are made in the USA (like all of my products are) but the best part is the price. Purchase them all separately, and you'd be spending close to $125, but buy the set and it'll cost you only $73.99. Now that's one humdinger of a deal! It sure makes Ma Bromwell proud to offer up these special savings.

    You can check out Mrs. Bromwell's Baking Set here.

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