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  • Happy French Fry Day!

    Posted on July 13, 2012

    Ma Bromwell recently inspired one of my latest items. She asked if I could make up something that would make French fries golden delicious instead of trying to fry them on the stove in a messy, hot pot of grease. So, I did just what the misses ordered, which came to be my very own Quality French Fry Basket. We all know that French fries are a must, especially for those cookouts where hotdogs and hamburgers are on the menu! You will find my basket stronger than it needs to be, as my wife happily discovered when it somehow dropped to the wooden floor! For those who are smart or lucky enough to have sampled deep-fried food, you can be sure that our basket was made for small-batch deep frying not only French fries, but chicken nuggets and even fish sticks…a favorite of children of all ages. Imagine that!

    Today also happens to be National French Fry Day. So if you're seeking some inspiration on putting my french fry basket to good use, please check out's list of the best french fries from around this great nation of ours. Happy frying!

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  • The Thrill of a Mini Grill

    Posted on July 11, 2012

    It was the summer of 1821 when I was inspired to craft yet another invention, the Old Fashioned Mini Grill. Considering how families could enjoy their very own meal made on a small family grill, a thought finally came to me. I made it of tin and ‘sweat’, with a wooden handle as a finishing touch of charm. I just knew my grill would be proudly passed down over the generations, while promoting the luxury of oral history. I also recognized it could be used anywhere, anytime. I suggested to fire it over a campfire, as my family did when the temperature finally cooled down on those balmy summer nights. Why, we even made burgers on top of our ol’ fashioned wood stove that very first night as the west was still young, going through ‘growing pains’ of national self-sufficiency as well as the birthing of globalization and industrialization, as I recall. You can get yer own Mini Grill by clicking right here.

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  • No Oil, Same Great Pop

    Posted on July 6, 2012


    You modern folks are always watching your waistlines. Back in my day, we didn't pay mind to calories and fatty foods, especially as we got plenty of exercise harvesting food, chopping wood, and tending to livestock. But knowing my products would last lifetimes, I was always thinking ahead. It was 1820, and I was working in my old wooden shop on our family’s homestead one hot, sweltering summer morning. The orange glow of the sun was beginning to peak above the horizon, birds chirping in the background against a pale blue sky. Having recently harvested corn, I decided to put a twist on my original popcorn popper, naming it the Healthy Popcorn Popper. All of the same great features as my Original Popcorn Popper, but it uses no oil, giving you a low-fat snack. I knew it would pop corn, a vegetable…and who doesn’t know that vegetables are healthy?!? Also, I knew nothing beats the ol’ fashioned gathering of friends, neighbors, and family in thy home that would make any ma and pa proud. I also realized my invention would be able to be used over and over again at a campfire, over fireplace logs, and even on a kitchen stove. Just don’t take my word for it. Check out my old fashioned Healthy Popcorn Popper and see for yourself.

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