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  • Family Camping Set

    Posted on August 15, 2012


    The summer days may be slowly waning and reading, writing and arithmetic are just around the corner for the ragamuffins, but camping season ain't over just yet. My new Family Camping Set promises lots of feasting 'round the campfire for you, your family, and outdoor comrades well into the autumn months! For a special price, you get one Original Popcorn Popper, four U.S. embossed Tin Cups, one Genuine Pyramid Toaster, one 7" Frontier Frying Pan, and a pair of Ohio BBQ Skewers. For $179.99, it's a deal that will save you over $50 versus buying each item separately and like all of my products, these are made in the good 'ol USA. Check out the Family Camping Set right over here and enjoy the campfire hotdogs and popcorn right on into the crisp fall season.

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  • Day 30 of Jacob's Journey: Struck by Jersey Lightning

    Posted on August 6, 2012

    Image via The Kitchn

    August 6, 1819
    You never know what your eyes are going to lay upon in a local tavern; businessmen mixed with wayward rogues in one corner; ladies with their ragamuffins in tow in another. I hear you have to venture way out west before you come across the saloons, which cater to menfolk only and specialize in liquor only, no grub. You also never know what new libation will cross your lips. I asked the tapster on duty if he recommend something different than the usual ales and whiskeys. A towering man and veteran of the war of 1812 himself, he looked down at me through his one good eye and said, "Son, I think it's time you had your first taste of what's known 'round these parts as Jersey Lightning."
    Jersey Lightning--so named because it helped pay road construction men just a few decades prior--is better known as Applejack. Applejack is a liquor made from distilled apple cider, and a favorite imbibe of President George Washington. Lemme tell you, it also delivers quite a kick! After a few shots on an empty belly I was ready to skip my bath and hit the hay directly! Fortunately, a meal of beef and carrot stew and fresh baked bread helped with the sobering effects.
    This here Applejack has become my new favorite beverage, and I asked the bartender for some for the road--conveniently stored in my Great American Flask. If you're not acquainted with my copper flask yet, you can see it for yourself here. It makes a great vessel for discretely enjoying any beverage on the go.

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