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  • The History of the Easter Bunny

    Posted on March 28, 2013

    Image via White Rabbit England


    Hippity hoppity, Easter's on its way as the song goes! Mamas and papas are busy buying chocolate eggs and baskets and their squalling tykes are waiting in line at shopping malls to get their photo taken with the Easter Bunny. But when exactly did we start anticipating the rabbit's arrival every Easter morning in America?


    We can thank German immigrants for bringing the legend of the Easter Bunny to the States. In pre-Christian Germany, around the 13th century, people worshiped gods and goddesses. One of those goddesses was named Eostra (sounds a lot like Easter, doesn't it?) She was the goddess of spring and fertility and the rabbit was her symbol because of the bunny's tendency to multiply!


    As early as the 18th century, German settlers in the Pennsylvania Dutch area told their children about tales of an egg-laying hare who dispensed eggs, candy and trinkets to good children on Easter morning. He was known as the Osterhase--which of course, later become known as the Easter Bunny in more modern times. Children would find eggs from the Osterhase in their bonnets and caps.


    So folks, here's hoping that you've been good enough that the Osterhase will pay you a visit this upcoming Sunday! Happy Easter!

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  • A Tasty Treat: Maple Snow Taffy

    Posted on March 8, 2013

    March 8, 1820


    The calendar is saying that spring is only two weeks away, but someone needs to tell Ol' Man Winter that. For today we awoke to at least a foot of the frosty white stuff...and just when my cousin and I were talking about picking up seeds at the local general store for spring planting. So, when life gives you snow, you make maple snow taffy! You see, March is Maple Month and when that sap starts to flow I get a hunkering for that sweet stuff we call maple syrup.


    So today I took my cousin's children, Abraham and Cora, out behind the homestead and we made delightful maple syrup taffy on the fresh, clean snow. All you need is some maple syrup, a pot suitable for heating it at a high temperature, a candy thermometer, freshly fallen, clean snow and a pie pan to pack it in. Just be sure to take care and do this carefully, as the syrup gets hot--mighty hot! Check out the directions here courtesy of The Kitchn on how to make this fine treat.

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