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  • America's Most Haunted

    Posted on October 31, 2012


    When I was just a ragamuffin, my pappy used to love scaring the wits out of me with ghost stories around the fireplace. He told me tales of cemeteries he'd been to that made strange sounds, an overnight stay in a tavern that he swore was haunted, and a ship that disappeared during the revolutionary war. Sometimes he'd even make swooping shadows on the walls with his hands--it was enough to keep me too frightened to fall asleep until the sun showed itself!

    Ghost tales are as old as America itself, and America is a pretty haunted place. Why, you can see for yourself over at the Huffington Post, who recently compiled this list of America's Most Haunted Places. From Alcatraz in San Francisco, CA to the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA, there's no shortage of ghoulish legends in the history of this country.

    And to keep you company while you spin spooky tales over the fire, why not take along my Original Popcorn Popper to keep your spellbound audience company?

    Have a happy and safe Halloween, folks!

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  • Create Your Very Own Jacob Bromwell Item

    Posted on September 24, 2012

    I 'spect that by now you know that Jacob Bromwell turns out swell flour sifters, tin cups, popcorn poppers and more faster than the bolt of a horse who's just felt the branding iron on his rump. But did you know that we can create your very own copper, tin, or stainless steel Jacob Bromwell item just for you, based on your imagination? We call it My Custom Creation. So far some mighty creative folks have asked us to make guitar picks, an iPhone case, bracelets, money clips, matchboxes and more. Why, we've received hundreds of requests and nothing has stumped ol' Jacob and my factory workers yet! The pricing starts at $99.99 and includes a consultation, design, engineering, materials and custom tooling. Imagine the pride and joy of owning or custom made Jacob Bromwell creation, or bestowing one upon a dear one.
    So what are yer waiting for, friend? Learn more about My Custom Creation by clicking right over here.

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  • Get Ready for Autumn with Jacob's Fireplace Set

    Posted on August 29, 2012


    You know, folks, we're at the tail end of August which means the apple-crisp days and nights are right around the corner. That's why the next of my specialty sets that we're featuring on the blog today is Jacob's Fireplace Set. This here special deal bundles three of my most popular items to help make those chilly nights a little more bearable. You get a set of my Ohio BBQ Skewers (Set of 2), one Original Popcorn Popper (Black Non-Stick), and one Bridger Fireplace Shovel (Rustic Black). Best of all, you save over $25 versus purchasing each product separately. Now that's what I like to call a mighty fine deal!

    For those who are eager to get an early jump on their holiday shopping, my sets also make pretty nice gifts, if I say so myself. You can check out my Fireplace Set for yourself right here.

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