• Day 146 of Jacob's Journey: Rue for Those Who Have the Flu

    Posted on January 30, 2013

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    January 30, 1819


    If this diary has seemed a little quiet lately, it's not for want of trying. One morning we all awoke to the chills, fever like a hot poker, achy bones from head to toe…oh, no! The demonic flu struck my cousin's household and spread through us like a flame set to dead crops on a dry summer's day. In between fits of coughing, there wasn't much we could do except keep the fireplace alit and drink hot toddies. This soothing elixir was a godsend and even my cousin's wife Virginia made the little ones sip them straight through to the bottom.


    Even if you're in tip-top shape, imbibing this lemony drink will help those bitter cold winter days go by a little faster. See the recipe for yourself at Refinery29. By the way, this warm-me-up--or others such as hot chocolate or coffee--makes for perfect sipping from my Classic Tin Cup.

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  • Day 46 of Jacob's Journey: Quick as Quick Molasses Bread

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    September 8, 1819


    A little bit about the Broadhorn we're traveling on: it's about 55 feet long and 15 feet wide, with a pen in the rear for Pioneer and a forward cabin for our fearless captain, Billy.  Broadhorn flatboats are becoming more common for farmers, traders, and families moving West, so I hear.

    The trip is smooth and while we're all anxious to reach Cincinnati, our daily docking to grab some nourishment, supplies and grain for Pioneer is much welcomed like a ray of sunshine on a February day. Today the men and I stopped into a local tavern to feast on a supper of smoked pork, beans, collard greens and molasses bread. That bread sure hit the was belly filling, savory and just a little bit sweet. Enough to set us back on our feet and back onto the boat.

    If you're hankering to try molasses bread just like the kind I had, this here recipe, called Quick Molasses Bread, should do the trick. I was also inspired to design my Legendary Bread Pan on this day. With its super heat conductivity and folded corners, it's sure to turn out delicious breads, pound cakes, and more legendary creations of your own.

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  • Day 21 of Jacob's Journey: The Great Blueberry Festival and Bakeoff

    Posted on July 20, 2012

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    July 20, 1819

    Along the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pioneer and I stumbled upon a sweet surprise. For summer is blueberry season, and the city was putting on a big to-do called the Great Blueberry Festival and Bakeoff. Why, there were pies, cakes, cobblers, iced tea and all manner of things blueberry. Who would gander that a down-home gathering could be organized around this one food?

    I tried so many blueberry goodies that I don't doubt my tongue will be stained purple until September! After tasting so many treats it was tougher than boot leather to choose a favorite, but I finally chose one that can be baked in my very own Legendary Bread Pan: the Double Blueberry Cake, a succulent loaf that was topped with a lemony blueberry sauce. Mmmmmm!

    If you want to try this cake out for yerself, click here for the recipe from Happy blueberry pickin' and eatin'!

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