• Happy French Fry Day!

    Posted on July 13, 2012

    Ma Bromwell recently inspired one of my latest items. She asked if I could make up something that would make French fries golden delicious instead of trying to fry them on the stove in a messy, hot pot of grease. So, I did just what the misses ordered, which came to be my very own Quality French Fry Basket. We all know that French fries are a must, especially for those cookouts where hotdogs and hamburgers are on the menu! You will find my basket stronger than it needs to be, as my wife happily discovered when it somehow dropped to the wooden floor! For those who are smart or lucky enough to have sampled deep-fried food, you can be sure that our basket was made for small-batch deep frying not only French fries, but chicken nuggets and even fish sticks…a favorite of children of all ages. Imagine that!

    Today also happens to be National French Fry Day. So if you're seeking some inspiration on putting my french fry basket to good use, please check out's list of the best french fries from around this great nation of ours. Happy frying!

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  • Day 18 of Jacob's Journey: True Grit(s)

    Posted on June 28, 2012

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    June 8, 1819

    Most modern folk think that true grit is a Western movie starring John Wayne or Jeff Bridges. But in my day, true grit meant splitting wood 'til you thought your back was going to break, making a midnight visit to the outhouse in winter, or having a bad tooth pulled--ouch!

    But not to fear, for there is a better kind of true grit, and that is the kind you eat! Grits are quintessentially American; they have their origins in Native American cuisine in the Southern U.S. I've heard some Native Americans refer to them as sofkee or sofkey.

    Today I found my way to a Pittsburgh B&B and enjoyed some of this sofkee for lunch with grated cheese, country ham and gravy. But I think most of you will like this Bobby Flay recipe from Serious Eats that features shrimp and bacon with grits--whip some up for dinner tonight, and you can thank ol' Jacob later!

    I'm planning on parking in Pittsburgh for some time to wave the flag here on the Fourth of July. Stay tuned for that diary entry!

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  • Day 14 of Jacob's Journey: S'mores and More

    Posted on June 20, 2012


    June 4, 1819

    There's nothing quite like the smells of food being grilled over an open fire. I was reminded of that a few days out of Berekely Springs when I visited a local butcher shop and picked up a few pork sausages. With the summer air weighing hotter and heavier than a newly minted horseshoe, there was no time to waste: these sausages needed to be in the belly before they spoiled. So with a pair of sticks, I enjoyed a mid-afternoon lunch of sausages, molasses beans and cornbread that Mrs. Thorgmorton gave me before continuing on my trip.

    But the best part of my meal were the s'mores, a classic summertime treat. Crispy toasted marshmallows with melted chocolate and graham crackers...just the substance this tired traveling man needed to spend another day in the saddle!

    You can easily make s'mores and more with my Ohio BBQ Skewers. They'll be suiting folks who want to cook hotdogs, toast marshmallows, or grill chicken, pork, vegetables and more on their grill or over an open flame. And if you're looking for some ingenious new twists on the classic s'mores recipe, check out this link from the Huffington Post. Time to get that fire stoked!

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