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  • Day 146 of Jacob's Journey: Rue for Those Who Have the Flu

    Posted on January 30, 2013

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    January 30, 1819


    If this diary has seemed a little quiet lately, it's not for want of trying. One morning we all awoke to the chills, fever like a hot poker, achy bones from head to toe…oh, no! The demonic flu struck my cousin's household and spread through us like a flame set to dead crops on a dry summer's day. In between fits of coughing, there wasn't much we could do except keep the fireplace alit and drink hot toddies. This soothing elixir was a godsend and even my cousin's wife Virginia made the little ones sip them straight through to the bottom.


    Even if you're in tip-top shape, imbibing this lemony drink will help those bitter cold winter days go by a little faster. See the recipe for yourself at Refinery29. By the way, this warm-me-up--or others such as hot chocolate or coffee--makes for perfect sipping from my Classic Tin Cup.

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  • Day 119 of Jacob's Journey: A Fine Fir

    Posted on December 12, 2012

    December 12, 1819


    There's a sniff of snow in the air…candles twinkling from nearby homesteads…and the sounds of kiddies giggling with anticipation. This can only mean one thing…that Christmas season is here! I'm hunkering down with my cousin Isaac, his wife, Virginia, and their two children, Abraham and Cora through the winter months until I get my factory up and profitable.


    Today we ventured into the nearby woods and chopped down the perfect Christmas tree--a fine looking fir, about 5 feet tall, with lush branches for hanging ornaments. Issac and I secured it into a stand, and we all adorned it with homemade baubles crafted by Abraham and Cora's hands: garland made of popcorn and cranberries, shiny tin ornaments, and paper cones and fans. But no candles--we all agreed that would be too risky, especially with Abraham and Cora's rascally kitten running about!


    With the hearth crackling and family gathered about, the tree sure creates a festive atmosphere in this Bromwell home. Hard to believe that in less than two weeks, Kris Kringle will be making his rounds.


    If you need popcorn for your own tree, or just to munch on, my Original Popcorn Popper will do the trick nicely! It works over a stovetop or fireplace, and you can check it out here.

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  • Day 82 of Jacob's Journey: Much to Be Thankful For

    Posted on November 21, 2012

    November 21, 1819


    Butternut squash mash...cornbread dressing...pumpkin pie...and a succulent bird wrapped around apple and chestnut stuffing topped with gravy. Swell food is always a pleasure to be thankful for, and I sure am more than ready to tuck into my cousin's wife's feast tomorrow with family and friends!


    But more importantly, I'm also grateful for finally completing the amazing journey to my chosen city of Cincinnati that started in spring of this year. I've traveled by foot, by horseback and by flatboat to realize my dream of founding a company that will produce American-made wares to make home life a little easier and more comfortable for citizens of this fine country for many years to come.


    Now comes the hard part...scoping out a suitable location for a factory in town and hiring folks to work the wire looms. But first things first--tomorrow is Thanksgiving!


    Editors's Note: We at Jacob Bromwell would like to wish all of our customers, followers and friends a very happy Thanksgiving. Here's hoping you all have much to be thankful for this year!

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