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  • Day 35 of Jacob's Journey: The Great American Fair

    Posted on August 21, 2012

    Photo via the Kansas Historical Society


    August 21, 1819

    When Pioneer and I crossed over the Ohio border this morn, we came upon a hubbub of activity going on in the town square. In a local field, livestock was being paraded about and bestowed with blue ribbons. Ladies were peddling their pies, cobblers and other baked goodies. Burly farmers were setting their pigs onto a track to see who could race 'round it the quickest. The kiddos were playing with whirligigs and handmade hobby horses that a local merchant was selling. I asked a nearby gent what the occasion was, and taking his pipe out of his mouth he replied, "Why son, don't you know? It's our annual town fair!"


    A fair! Never before had I heard of such an event, but as I soon learned, the town of York, Pennsylvania had been holding a fair every year starting in 1765, and other American locations were picking up on the tradition. Something tells me it won't take long for this so-called fair to spread like wisteria across this great nation of ours, because I hadn't had so much fun since I won that round of poker in Berkeley Springs back in May, when my journey began.


    After such a rollicking bang-up day of festivities, it's time for some grub and a nap. Destination Cincinnati is just around the bend!


    Editor's Note: It's almost fair season in America! To find a state fair near you, check out the site for a list of U.S. fairs and the dates they take place.

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  • Day 30 of Jacob's Journey: Struck by Jersey Lightning

    Posted on August 6, 2012

    Image via The Kitchn

    August 6, 1819
    You never know what your eyes are going to lay upon in a local tavern; businessmen mixed with wayward rogues in one corner; ladies with their ragamuffins in tow in another. I hear you have to venture way out west before you come across the saloons, which cater to menfolk only and specialize in liquor only, no grub. You also never know what new libation will cross your lips. I asked the tapster on duty if he recommend something different than the usual ales and whiskeys. A towering man and veteran of the war of 1812 himself, he looked down at me through his one good eye and said, "Son, I think it's time you had your first taste of what's known 'round these parts as Jersey Lightning."
    Jersey Lightning--so named because it helped pay road construction men just a few decades prior--is better known as Applejack. Applejack is a liquor made from distilled apple cider, and a favorite imbibe of President George Washington. Lemme tell you, it also delivers quite a kick! After a few shots on an empty belly I was ready to skip my bath and hit the hay directly! Fortunately, a meal of beef and carrot stew and fresh baked bread helped with the sobering effects.
    This here Applejack has become my new favorite beverage, and I asked the bartender for some for the road--conveniently stored in my Great American Flask. If you're not acquainted with my copper flask yet, you can see it for yourself here. It makes a great vessel for discretely enjoying any beverage on the go.

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  • Day 22 of Jacob's Journey: Hot Potato

    Posted on July 26, 2012

    July 26, 1819

    Another invention I have drummed up this summer is what I'm fondly calling the Authentic Potato Baker. Why, with all the travelin' light, I'm finding I'm able to create every day, all day, with only breaks for meals, "shut eye", and ahem--when nature calls! Imagine enjoying scrumptious potatoes baked just right with a crispy outer skin and fluffy inside, slathered with butter and sour cream, or any topping your heart desires. The prongs help cook the potatoes from the inside out. Why, family and friends can gather 'round the fire not just for warm and hearty, wholesome potatoes, but chats about the crops over a game or two of cards. I just have to share my invention with my fellow citizens throughout our great nation! Amongst other products, it was put together here by American hands with tender lovin' care. Check out this fine relic for yourself.

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