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  • Cooling Pies and More with Sutler's Mill Cooling Rack

    Posted on August 23, 2012

    If my memory serves me correctly, it was the October of 1822 when I dreamed up yet another kitchen doo-dad. This is how the story goes...the misses asked for a place to cool her pies besides her counter top since it was, in my opinion, too full of junk…but don’t tell her that!! So, after rackin' my brain for a bit, I came up with what I dubbed the Sutler’s Mill Cooling Rack. As the sweet smell of what’s cooking spread around the old homestead, the cooling rack became a really cool place used to prepare serving family, friends, and neighbors. Why, I even was able to barter a rooster for one up at our neighbor old Joe’s place! It has a rustic black or chrome finish, put together with "time" and "patience". You can place it on wood, metal, or glass. I don’t care and neither should you. This way, the misses won’t holler at ya for trying to burn down her kitchen!

    Want to get yer own cooling rack? You can order one right over here.

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  • Day 35 of Jacob's Journey: The Great American Fair

    Posted on August 21, 2012

    Photo via the Kansas Historical Society


    August 21, 1819

    When Pioneer and I crossed over the Ohio border this morn, we came upon a hubbub of activity going on in the town square. In a local field, livestock was being paraded about and bestowed with blue ribbons. Ladies were peddling their pies, cobblers and other baked goodies. Burly farmers were setting their pigs onto a track to see who could race 'round it the quickest. The kiddos were playing with whirligigs and handmade hobby horses that a local merchant was selling. I asked a nearby gent what the occasion was, and taking his pipe out of his mouth he replied, "Why son, don't you know? It's our annual town fair!"


    A fair! Never before had I heard of such an event, but as I soon learned, the town of York, Pennsylvania had been holding a fair every year starting in 1765, and other American locations were picking up on the tradition. Something tells me it won't take long for this so-called fair to spread like wisteria across this great nation of ours, because I hadn't had so much fun since I won that round of poker in Berkeley Springs back in May, when my journey began.


    After such a rollicking bang-up day of festivities, it's time for some grub and a nap. Destination Cincinnati is just around the bend!


    Editor's Note: It's almost fair season in America! To find a state fair near you, check out the site for a list of U.S. fairs and the dates they take place.

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  • Family Camping Set

    Posted on August 15, 2012


    The summer days may be slowly waning and reading, writing and arithmetic are just around the corner for the ragamuffins, but camping season ain't over just yet. My new Family Camping Set promises lots of feasting 'round the campfire for you, your family, and outdoor comrades well into the autumn months! For a special price, you get one Original Popcorn Popper, four U.S. embossed Tin Cups, one Genuine Pyramid Toaster, one 7" Frontier Frying Pan, and a pair of Ohio BBQ Skewers. For $179.99, it's a deal that will save you over $50 versus buying each item separately and like all of my products, these are made in the good 'ol USA. Check out the Family Camping Set right over here and enjoy the campfire hotdogs and popcorn right on into the crisp fall season.

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