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  • New Products!

    Posted on May 7, 2012

    My team has been busy working through moonlight on some spanking new products that we feel will continue to bring a bit of American nostalgia to your household.

    First up, my personal favorite: the Great American Flask (pictured above.) This handcrafted copper flask looks so much like the one I took on my American travels that it's uncanny! It features an historically correct wooden stopper and is perfect for carrying your favorite beverage of choice anywhere (and if your drink of choice happens to be moonshine, well--your pal Jacob will keep that bit o'info on the downlow.) :)

    Next, the beautiful Old Country Pie Safe. Also made of copper, this here pie safe carries cakes, pies, cupcakes and more and features an iconic star design on the cover. It's sure to attract attention at your town picnic or family BBQ!

    Both the Great American Flask and Old Country Pie Safe are handmade to order and are exclusive only to Jacob Bromwell. You can find these items and many more on the Collectors section of our website.

    Lastly we have the Premium Salad Server Set. Handmade from solid American maple, these salad utensils are heavy duty for tossing and serving your favorite salad and are crafted with long, wide handles and hooks for easy storage.

    And like all of my products, these shiny new items are all made in the U.S.A. and satisfaction guaranteed--and that's no applesauce!

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  • Day 4 of Jacob's Journey: Family Matters

    Posted on May 2, 2012

    May 1, 1819

    Several years ago, my grandpapa told me, "Tis' a fine journey that brings on a man's fine appetite." Grandpappy was correct: when I arrived at my cousin Nathan's homestead late today, my stomach was dreadfully a-growlin'. Fortunately, my cousin's wife Jo had a bang-up feast in mind for us all: roast chicken, potatoes. carrots...and my favorite, apple pie!

    I showed Jo the cooking utensils I had stowed away in my saddlebag, to help with preparation of the pie. She marveled at the sifter that made her flour for the crust as smooth as silk, but in particular she took a liking to the grater, which she used to shred cheese over our warm slices of cinnamon goodness. "By Jove, Jacob, this grater is going to be coveted by everyone from the Atlantic to the Missouri Territory!"

    After the meal, I pulled out the popcorn popper and I showed Nathan and Jo's little ones, John and Martha, how the popper works over the fire to turn out fluffy kernels, and we shared the loot while exchanging ghost stories that made the children shriek with glee.

    It made me think about how there are few things in life better than gathering with family and loved ones. I long to share mine with a good lady once I settle down in Cincinnati and start my business, but in the meantime I give good grace for having loyal and helpful family members in my life. I think some of my products are going to help bring families together.

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  • Get Pinning With Jacob Bromwell

    Posted on April 30, 2012


    Back in my day, the only things that were "pinned" were a little lady's hemline or a paper tail on a donkey. But apparently the hot new "pinning" of today is found on the interwebs; namely on We've started a few boards--and they don't just appeal to the woman of the homestead. We have a few that might be of interest to the good ol' guys out there as well. You can find us on See you there!


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