"Few companies have exclusively employed only Americans for longer than Jacob Bromwell®." — World Net Daily

Jacob Bromwell, Inc. Old Postcard An original postcard advertisement for The Bromwell Brush and Wire Goods Co., 1877.


The rich history of our iconic company began in 1819, well before the invention of the light bulb, the telephone, or the automobile. Our company was established during the era when James Monroe was President of the United States and only 30 years had passed since the United States Constitution was accepted. There were only 22 states in the Union at this time and the first open-land run of the territory of Oklahoma was still a projected 70 years away.

During this period, frontier entrepreneur Jacob Bromwell emigrated from Baltimore, Maryland to a quaint hamlet in Ohio coined Cincinnati, which was just being carved out of the virgin frontier forest. Mr. Bromwell, a veteran of the War of 1812, drifted down the Ohio River on a flatboat with a handful of wire looms where he was prudently able to jumpstart his entrepreneurship during the ‘Panic of 1819’ - America’s first major financial crisis.


Jacob Bromwell, Inc. Steamboats Covered wagons, flatboats, and steamboats embarked on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
Cincinnati developed to become the “Queen City of the West”, and as Cincinnati flourished, so did Jacob Bromwell’s wire-goods business. Covered wagons, flatboats, and steamboats embarked on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers delivering goods in a rapidly growing new nation.

The California Gold Rush began in 1848. During this pristine era, Americans caravanned to the West with their Jacob Bromwell® tin cups, popcorn poppers, and frying pans. Just two short years later, pioneers started their migration across America. Again, a variety of Jacob Bromwell® products were included as part of the necessities needed to carve out an existence on an unknown frontier. These products included flour sifters, cheese graters, and pans, as well as buckets and popcorn poppers. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Jacob Bromwell® products continued to be a vital part of the pioneers’ daily living. The Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869, and Jacob Bromwell® was there through it all.


Jacob Bromwell, Inc. Factory Worker Machine operator holding our World Famous Grater.
In the early 1900s, Jacob Bromwell® moved to Michigan City, Indiana where the company rejoiced in the Roaring 1920s, and the heartbreak of the Great Depression. During this time, the company operated just three days per week, while unconditionally supporting as many hard-working Americans as possible.

Jacob Bromwell® survived the daunting times by loyally adhering to its mission statement, which was to produce the highest quality cooking, baking, and campfire products for American families. Jacob Bromwell® was founded with this mission in mind, and remains committed to it today.


Jacob Bromwell, Inc. Factory Worker All Jacob Bromwell® products are proudly made in the USA, and the future remains bright.
It falls to but a few companies to celebrate nearly two centuries of business. If Jacob Bromwell® could be transformed from a little wood-frame building into one of America’s leading housewares companies in almost 200 years, what might the next century bring?