"You need to know about Jacob Bromwell®. They have the most interesting, handcrafted housewares."— Inspired Taste

Jacob Bromwell® products have helped shape America for nearly 200 years, and now you can take an exclusive tour of our manufacturing facilities in Indiana and Vermont. Although our factories are not open to the general public, this behind-the-scenes photo tour consists of an intimate viewing of our metal stamping factory in Indiana as well as our full-service metal and copper fabrication shop in Vermont.  You'll see first hand our factory workers and skilled coppersmiths stamping, bending, forming, plating, machining, organizing, packaging, shipping, and more.


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Our plant manager smiles for the camera!
The main floor at our factory in Indiana.
Another view of the main floor at our factory in Indiana.
Machine operator forming the 9" cheese grater.
Our cheese graters - just like all of our products - are made in small batches.
Bottom of our 9" cheese graters being formed and curled.
Partially formed cheese grater missing the handle.
Another shot of partially-formed cheese graters.
Close up shot of machine buttons.
Close up shot of an American-made machine.
Our tool and die makers build all of our tooling in-house.
Part of the machinery used to create our historically-correct tin cups.
Tool and die maker cutting one of our dies.
Every Jacob Bromwell product is hand built with pride and care in the USA.
Jacob Bromwell has been manufacturing flour sifters since 1819.
Various Jacob Bromwell products at the factory.
Small batch of flour sifter handles.
Close up view of one of our tools.
Original Jacob Bromwell tooling, many of which date back to the early 1900s.
One of the many air compressors used at our plant.
Close up shot of one of our air compressors.
Factory workers load products onto trucks for shipment.
Drill bits at the factory.
This metal is manufactured into component parts for many of our products.
Close up shot of one of our metal shears.
Exterior shot of our plant in Indiana.
Another exterior shot of our plant in Indiana.
Various tools for our line of solid copper products.
Making the ring that attaches to the wood stopper on our Great American Flask.
Close up shot of two metal shears at our factory.
Various cutting tools at our factory.
A partially completed Great American Flask at our factory.
One of the form tools for our Great American Flask.
Storage cabinet for some of our handmade tools.
Forming the bottom of our Classic Tin Cup
Forming part of our Great American Flask.