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  • The White House Ghost: Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Abraham?

    Posted on October 22, 2014


    America is full of many supposedly haunted...well, haunts...and perhaps the most famous address to attract paranormal activity is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And the most well known spirit that many claim to have seen in the White House is our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.


    Lincoln seems to have a knack for showing up in the White House during times of crisis. Whilst his ghost was reportedly first spotted in the 1920s by Calvin Coolidge's wife, Grace (who witnessed him looking out of a window towards the Potomac and a Civil War battleground) it was during WWII when Franklin Roosevelt was president that many had encounters with old Abe. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands her a knock on her bedroom door one night during a stay at the White House. When she opened it, she saw Lincoln standing before her, complete with his trademark top hat, and it startled her so much she fainted!


    British Prime Minister Winston Churchill also used to recount about how he had just taken a bath in his White House guest room, with his customary stogie and Scotch, and encountered Lincoln standing in his bedroom leaning against the fireplace mantle. Churchill, without missing a beat, said to Lincoln's apparition, "Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage." Lincoln then smiled softly and disappeared.


    First ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Lady Bird Johnson both claimed to have strongly felt Lincoln's presence in the White House, as well as several staff members through the years. Roosevelt's secretary, Mary Eben, saw Lincoln pulling on his boots one day in the Lincoln bedroom. His pacing the floor has also been heard from time to time.


    The last reported sighting of Lincoln's ghost was during the early 1980s, when Tony Savory, White House operations foreman, saw him sitting in a chair near the top of a staircase.


    Hey Abe old pal, next time bring us a message from the great beyond, will you?

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  • Good to the Last Pop: Celebrate Popcorn Poppin' Month with Jacob Bromwell!

    Posted on October 6, 2014


    Did you know that October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month? Well, it's no poppycock (no pun intended.) It is actually named for the annual autumn harvest of popcorn that takes place in the Midwestern U.S. And to celebrate the month, we're offering 25% off our Original Popcorn Popper! Just use the promo code POPCORN25 on our site through 10/31. Our Original Popcorn Popper has become a made in USA classic since it was first manufactured in 1819 and may be used over an open fire or a stovetop. Visit the page to save and then get ready to savor the taste of warm, crunchy popcorn made the American way!


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  • Welcome to Raking and Baking Season!

    Posted on September 22, 2014


    Well folks, we're about to say fare thee well to another summer; the autumnal equinox begins tonight at 10:29 EDT. It's a bittersweet time as we realize there won't be many more dips in the local watering hole and our shorts and sandals go into hibernation until May or so.


    Ah, but no use fretting about it because the fall season is equally full of good cheer. State fairgrounds open their gates, Oktoberfest begins, and Halloween--that trickin' and treatin' time--is just around the bend. But my favorite part of autumn is hearing the clanking coming from the kitchen as Mrs. Bromwell starts whipping up her best goodies using several of my baking pans. That's why I fondly refer to this time of year as "raking and baking season"...the season of clearing leaves, but also of warming up the hearth.


    For example, there's my Golden Era Pie Plates that she uses to bake her classic apple pie, the Marshall Bread Pan that turns out her delicious spiced pumpkin loaf, the Heritage Cookie Sheet that bakes up scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, and the All-Natural Muffin Pan for creating golden blueberry muffins, the perfect companion for any breakfast (besides Mrs. Bromwell herself, of course!) Is your mouth watering as much as mine right now?


    All of these items are made in the USA and backed by my lifetime guarantee. Now that's a warm thought to get us through the chilliest part of the year! And of course, there are many more baking products available where these came from, so have a look around my site, and get ready to welcome fall.


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