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  • A Sip of Copper a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

    Posted on April 30, 2015


    When I first settled in Cincinnati in 1819, P.T. "Doc" Simmons was our go-to guy in town for whatever ailed us. From pulling a tooth to setting a broken bone, the good doctor did it all with a smile and a twinkle in his eye (which may or may not have been attributed to the gin he kept in the flask I gave him for Christmas one year.)


    A purveyor of eating greens and grains, Doc was fond of that ol' saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." But today, maybe we ought to be saying, "a sip of copper a day keeps the doctor away." You see, copper has been picking up print lately as something we may want to consume in small amounts. In particular, health experts are saying that drinking from a copper vessel may provide the following benefits:


    • ‌• Better digestion
    • ‌• Weight loss/control
    • ‌• Faster healing of cuts and scrapes
    • ‌• Slowing of aging
    • ‌• Maintenance of heart health
    • ‌• Brain stimulation


    Now I'm no expert, especially when it comes to the medical community, but I say let's raise a hearty toast, my friends, with our copper drinking vessels...to our health. From my Moscow Mule cup to my classic Great American Flask, my collection of pure copper edition products, all produced here in the U.S., may just put you on the path to better health (wink.) I know my old friend Doc Simmons would drink to that!


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  • Live in a Historic Bromwell Building

    Posted on April 13, 2015


    How would you like to live in a building that once made my tin cups, flour sifters, popcorn poppers in addition to wire-based household items?


    Well, if you live near Greensburg, Indiana or are willing to move there, here's your chance. The building that was the former site of one of my largest factories at the corner of First and Ireland streets is being renovated and converted into an apartment building. My factory opened there is 1903 (ah, so many moons ago!) and it was the city's largest employer until we had to close its doors in 1923.


    The building was then owned by Cyclone Fence, a division of US Steel, and later, the Carol Cook Dress Factory. At one point it was also on the national register of historic buildings because of its significance in American manufacturing history (and rightly so!)


    Now its next incarnation will be Tree City Village, an apartment community aimed at seniors, individuals, couples, and young families, and rent will be restricted to ensure the units are affordable.


    We wish the Tree City Village and its new inhabitants all the best. You can read more about the backstory of the building and its renovation plans here. And in the meantime, just peruse the American made products on my site if you want to own a smaller piece of Bromwell history for yourself!


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  • Introducing the Liberty Flask: Are You Green With Envy?

    Posted on March 25, 2015


    A startling discovery was made the other day during the annual spring cleaning at the Bromwell homestead...


    An old box tucked away in a storage area...betcha there's nothing in here to save...lo and behold contained several new and unused flasks that had not their usual copper penny shine, but instead were green. They'd been sitting there unused for at least a good thirty years, and had oxidized!


    Ma Bromwell wanted me to toss them, but I had a better idea...make them available to my customers! These flasks are mean, green, and have lost their coppery sheen and I'm calling them the Liberty Flasks in honor of the big, green, oxidized lady with the beacon herself! After all, they're the same shade as the Statue of Liberty and the dollar bill and every bit as American.


    This ruggedly beautiful flask features an off-set spout and our signature green patina finish, painstakingly achieved through a natural process of 30 years of aging and oxidization at my Vermont workshop. We then apply our proprietary clear coat to seal the patina from changing and locking in the finish for life. Each flask is completely unique, and features parts of raw copper occasionally showing through. Like all of my products, they're made in the USA...and made to last.


    These flasks are only around while supplies last, so you may want to get your hands on one before one of your pals do. You don't want to be left empty-handed and green with envy!


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