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  • A Sip of American History: Jack's Moscow Mule Cup

    Posted on July 30, 2014


    It was 1941 and three pals/business partners were jawing away in a bar. One was John Martin, the president of G.F. Heublein Brothers, an East Coast spirits and food distributor. The second was Rudolph Kunett, the president of Smirnoff, Heublein's vodka division. The third gentleman was John "Jack" A. Morgan, president of Cock 'n' Bull Products, owner of the Cock 'n' Bull Restaurant of Los Angeles, and proprietor of ginger beer. Little did the three know that they were about to make American history...or as Jack Morgan later reminisced, "We three were quaffing a slug, nibbling an hors d'oeuvre and shoving toward inventive genius."


    The three were pondering what it would taste like if vodka and lemon or lime juice were added to Morgan's ginger beer. The ingredients were ordered from the bar, mixed, and a toast was held. Four or five glasses later, behold: a new drink was born and christened: the Moscow Mule!


    In honor of a this American ingenuity, I'm proud to introduce my latest product, Jack's Moscow Mule Cup, in honor of one of the inventors of the cocktail. This beautiful, unique, two-toned copper mug and Moscow Mules go together like bacon and eggs...bread and butter...popcorn and salt. You get the picture. Of course, you can use it for sipping any of your favorite beverages, considering it holds a generous 15 ounces.


    Best of all, unlike other Moscow Mule mugs on the market, mine is one of the few made in the USA, by hand in our factory (and soldered, not welded) for true American authenticity.


    The Moscow Mule is refreshingly simple to make, by the way. Just squeeze a half ounce of lime juice into the mug, add 2 ounces of your choice of vodka, then top with cold ginger beer (not to be confused with ginger ale--ginger beer is distinctively sweeter and...well, more gingerly.) Ice optional. Stir, sip, and enjoy a little taste of American invention!


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  • Arnold Palmer: An American Legend and His Beverage

    Posted on July 18, 2014


    When the summer weather turns downright steamy, nothing else quenches the thirst or pleases the taste buds like icy cold lemonade or iced tea. Except for one thing: lemonade AND iced tea mixed together!


    That there beverage, folks, is known as an Arnold Palmer, named after the American golfing great by the same name. Legend tells that Palmer was overheard in a country club restaurant one day asking the bartender for a drink made of half lemonade and half iced tea. A nearby patron told her server, "I'll have an Arnold Palmer, please."


    It may be the world's easier drink to make: just mix equal parts of lemonade and iced tea, sweetened to your liken. Or, if you prefer a kick in your Arnold Palmer, spike it with your favorite bourbon to create a "Tipsy Palmer" (I promise your secret is safe with me!)


    I've always admired American ingenuity, which is why I offer several products made in the USA to help you enjoy your Arnold Palmer or any summer beverage: my Collector's Copper Cup, Timeless Copper Thermos, Classic Tin Cup, and even my Great American Flask. All help to keep your summer sipping cool and refreshing--whether on the golf course or in that backyard hammock.


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  • The Origins of Father's Day

    Posted on June 14, 2014


    Tomorrow, millions of dads across the USA will celebrate Father's Day--adding another tie or coffee mug (or, if they're lucky, a made in USA Jacob Bromwell product) to their gift collection. Although the holiday was signed into law by President Richard Nixon in 1972, the day's origins actually stretch back much further than that.


    Sonora Smart Dodd conceived the idea of a day that recognized fathers back in 1910. Dodd's father was a Civil War veteran and single parent who raised Sonora and her five siblings in Arkansas. When Sonora heard a Sunday sermon about Mother's Day in 1909, she told the pastor that fathers deserved a holiday honoring them as well. She suggested her father's birthday, June 5, but the pastors didn't have enough time to prepare a sermon, so the day was pushed to the third Sunday of June.


    It took a long time to catch on. A lot of folks considered a day honoring fathers to be somewhat of a joke, and it was also criticized for its commercial tie-in with retailers. But by the 1960s, the day was being recognized and today it is celebrated in just about every country, with some name and date variations here and there.


    Father's Day makes me think of my own pappy, a hard working rascal who taught me everything that I know, especially the importance of making quality, American made products! From all of us here at Jacob Bromwell, we wish the pops out there a very happy Father's Day!


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