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  • Introducing the Professional Grade Cookware Line from Jacob Bromwell!

    Posted on January 28, 2015


    Back in 1951, the legendary American singer-songwriter Hank Williams had a hit with "Hey, Good Lookin'"--a song which asks the question, "What ya got cookin'?"


    Now it's 2015, and we've been cooking up an exciting new product line that we feel is a pretty big hit, too: our Professional Grade Cookware line! I'm proud to introduce these eleven spiffy new premium cookware and bakeware pieces that are professionally manufactured here in the USA just like all of my products. They're constructed using the same high standards demanded by the Cookware Manufacturers Association, but you don't have to be a celebrity chef to use or appreciate them!


    The variety of items suits the needs of any home cook. There's the Marquis Sauté Pan for making entrees, stews, desserts, and more. The Maxwell Stock Pot is perfect for family sized portions of soups, pasta, and sauces. The Parker Square Griddle is an unique item, the kind of wide griddle normally only found in diners and restaurants that flips large pancakes, hash browns, and grilled cheese sandwiches with ease. And for those chilly winter nights that call for hot melted cheese, my Kingston Fondue Set brings a touch of 1970s nostalgia to any dining experience.


    Each Professional Grade item is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and guaranteed not to rust, crack, peel, or break. They also feature Vapor® Cooking technology which cooks food with little or no water.


    Ready to check out the collection? You can view it here--and be sure to visit our Facebook page come February 1, for an exciting giveaway you won't want to miss!



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  • Remember the Alamo Flask!

    Posted on January 20, 2015


    The Battle of the Alamo that occurred in 1936 is a legendary event in Texas' grand history. Although tragic, if it hadn't taken place, many Texians wouldn't have been inspired to join the Texian Army, thus defeating the Mexican Army a few months later and helping to end the Texas Revolution. It's a story about struggling against the odds and fighting for freedom.


    In a way, the Jacob Bromwell company has struggled against all odds as well, keeping its manufacturing here in the USA during a time when other companies are making their goods overseas. That's why I'm proud to introduce one of our newest products: the Alamo Round Flask. It's made the same way as our other flasks--by hand with care--and features a rounded canteen-like shape and a screw top, airtight closure. Best of all, measuring only 3.75" across, this little copper beauty tucks away discretely inside a jacket pocket and makes a fine gift for groomsmen...or yourself! Enjoy it with fine company.


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  • Jacob Bromwell's Best Sellers of 2014

    Posted on January 2, 2015



    2014 was a humdinger of a year for Jacob Bromwell. We launched several new items, exhibited at our first ever American Field event, and were featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine! As I poured over the books I was also curious to know which items we sold the most of last year. So which products kept the Bromwell piggybank squealing the most in 2014? Here's a look at our top five best sellers...


    5. Old West Shot Glasses

    Maybe you can't be a gunslinger in today's high-tech world, but you can at least bring a piece of the Old West into your home and pretend with these copper shot glasses. Whether you fancy yourself a bounty hunter or an outlaw, your favorite liquor will be tasty on the tongue when slung back from one of these handmade copper beauties.


    4. Collector's Copper Cup

    Jacob Bromwell customers must be Moscow Mule fans! A both decorative and functional piece, our Collector's Copper Cup holds up to 28 ounces of your favorite beverage and helps it stay cooler longer.


    3. Original Popcorn Popper

    No microwave needed here! A classic product dating back to when I launched my company, the Original Popcorn Popper pleases kernel connoisseurs with its ability to be used over a stove top or an open fire. It pops quickly and easily and is still made in the USA!


    2. Classic Tin Cup

    My Classic Tin Cup was standard issue during the Civil War and maybe that's what makes it so special to my customers. No need to fight for sides here, though; the tin cup is perfect for anyone who likes to bring a taste of nostalgia to his or her sipping satisfaction.


    1. Great American Flask

    It's no surprise that our Great American Flask should top the list as the best-selling item of last year--once folks learn that such a unique product of handmade, copper beauty exists, they can't wait to get their hands on one!


    As we head into 2015, we'd like to thank our customers for supporting products that are made in the USA. Happy New Year, and we look forward to being here with you in 2015!


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