Just about every American has an old Bromwell sifter laying around somewhere! While your Jacob Bromwell® Flour Sifter is guaranteed to last you a lifetime of use - our sifters also make a great decorative accessory around the house. Scroll below for some neat ideas! Need a new sifter? Order one through 7/31/18 and receive FREE SHIPPING & 40% OFF. Shop Here.

Photo by welcome_to_myplace

1. Kitchen Utensil Holder

If you have a ton of kitchen tools and utensils you need organized, give this a try! Not only is it functional, but also stylish in your modern county kitchen.


2. Center Piece

Photo by welcome_to_myplace

Nearly every family in America owned a Bromwell sifter at some point. To this day, these sifters are still being passed down to new generations. Every sifter is as unique as the family that owns it. What story does your sifter tell? Add it to your table's center piece to create a fresh look and a conversation piece.


3. Coffee Table Accessory

Photo by Little Vintage Nest.

200 year old functionality meets modern style. Americans all over the nation have been using our sifters as decorative pieces.


4. Wind Chimes

A fan posted this on Instagram and we had to share! Dangle a few metal or wooden items from strings attached to the inside of your sifter to create a unique set of wind chimes.


5. Plant Holder

Due to the size of our sifters, they make a perfect container for small plants and flowers. Don't forget there's no bottom when it comes time to water the plants!


6. Ole Fashioned Baking

Even after decades of use any Bromwell sifter can still be used in your kitchen. As the oldest flour sifters in America, they are guaranteed to produce the finest, smoothest flour possible for perfect cakes, cookies and more. What do you use your sifter for?