2019 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for Him Jacob Bromwell Flasks

2019 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Give ol' dad a gift he will cherish forever! Every Jacob Bromwell® product is Made in USA & guaranteed to last a lifetime. Manufacturing the best quality kitchenware, drinkware, flasks and barware since 1819 - chances are we have the perfect gift for pops. Shop our top picks below!

Gifts for the Whiskey Enthusiast

Vermonter Flask

Nothing beats the meticulous details, the balanced weight, the comfort and simply the feel of a Jacob Bromwell® flask. Built with day-to-day practicality in mind, the Vermonter Flask features a heavy machined screw-top that guarantees a 100% leak proof flask wherever and whenever you use it. This unique flask has been specially designed to accommodate the needs of those who use and rely on their flasks on a regular basis, and is appropriately named after the state in which it’s made: Vermont. For a taste of history, straight from America, it would be hard to find a more fitting flask. Twist, sip, enjoy.


TSA Carry-On Flask

The TSA Flask has been specially designed to make flying the friendly skies a little bit friendlier. Shorter and stouter than our other flasks, its compact size meets current TSA carry-on guidelines, allowing users to transport up to 3.4 ounces of liquid (when stored in a carry-on bag) during air travel. It's handcrafted in the USA at our Vermont coppersmith factory and features a drip-proof, screw-top cap. Hot tinning on the interior ensures it's beverage safe and like all Jacob Bromwell® products, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Come fly - with the TSA Flask!


Gentleman's Square Flask

Today's gentlemen are found in the concrete jungles collecting their bounties by making business deals. The straight edges of our Gentleman's Square Flask will awaken the gunslinger in any city or suburban slicker that like to take their swigs with modern swagger. This cool American made flask is based on our Vermonter Flask but features a sharp, squared off modern shape that means business. Made in the USA of pure, solid copper, it will carry up to 9 ounces of your favorite liquor with ease, and also makes a fine American-made gift for the modern outlaw in your life.

Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Classic Tin Cup

If these cups could talk, what a tale they would tell. Raise a toast to history with America's original tin cup, just as our forefathers did when creating our great nation. Jacob Bromwell® supplied these U.S. stamped tin cups to the Union Army during the Civil War, and we're still making them with a little help from the original machinery and equipment. Take a sip from this outrageously authentic American cup, and travel back to a simpler time. Forget about the telephone and Internet, and instead enjoy a peaceful moment much like the cowboy tending his herd, the explorer drinking from an unspoiled stream, or a Civil War soldier relishing a quiet moment between battles. Standard issue during the Civil War, each American made tin cup makes the perfect gift for the history buff, the busy executive, and any guy or gal who appreciates nostalgia. So let your imagination flow as you enjoy this epic relic of Americana. You'll surprisingly bring history to life with each sip.


Traditional Pocket Knife

If there’s one thing every pioneer needed back in 1819, it was a quality made pocket knife that could hold up to any task around the homestead, from cutting rope to cutting up steak. Jacob Bromwell® is pleased to re-introduce our Traditional Pocket Knife, a classic American made knife that was a part of our product line nearly 200 years ago. Our Traditional Pocket Knife features a walnut handle, brass rivets, and a hand-sharpened high carbon steel blade. It fits the hand very comfortably and the 3-inch-long blade is strong enough to handle any of those tough jobs around the camp. Each pocket knife is 100% handmade in the USA at our workshop, and we think you’ll love the classic styling of the blade and wood handle. Use it as your go-to carry piece, or for fine and rough work around the campsite or your home.


Genuine Pyramid Toaster

A toaster for camping? Yes, our non-electric pyramid toaster functions just as well over a campfire as it does your living room fireplace, so you can live like a cowboy or prairie pioneer but still have toast with your morning bacon and eggs. Still made by red-blooded American workers, our non-electric and time-tested design disperses heat evenly through the slots on either side. It comes apart for easy storage in a backpack, and pops right back up to toast down bread, pop tarts, fresh pastries, pizza, and more to a golden brown. So don’t worry about missing toast with your morning bacon and eggs the next time you’re roughing it—Jacob Bromwell® has you covered! Just remember to bring jam.

Gifts for the Kitchen Expert

World Famous Grater

Our American made cheese grater has become an iconic classic. People from all over the world have written and shared stories with us about inheriting a 100+ year-old Jacob Bromwell® grater, and how they’ve remained sharp even after all these years. More than likely your mom, grandmother, or maybe even great-grandmother used this same made in the USA grater in their own kitchens, and it’s estimated that 1 in 4 American households still owns a Jacob Bromwell® cheese grater. Our handcrafted World Famous Grater features fine, medium, and coarse grating surfaces, plus a slicer, making it the most versatile cheese and vegetable grater on the market. A true keepsake, our original World Famous Grater will endure in your kitchen for decades to come.


Gourmet Food Processor

Another kitchen classic from the folks at Jacob Bromwell®. Today's kitchens are filled with tools that speed up the process of food preparation, but don't make the end product any more tasty. If you're a cook that's concerned with quality and enjoys preparing foods without modern technology, you'll love using our traditional hand food processor, or chinois strainer (as it is sometimes called). Packaged as a 3-Piece Set, this is still the most versatile food processor on the market. Our ricer is commonly used for pureeing cooked fruits and vegetables or making juice. The strainer filters skin and seeds, and the simplistic beauty of the design has held up all these years. Your friends and family will enjoy the extra flavor and nutrients of fresh pureed veggies, rather than those from a can or jar.


All-American Colander

You don't need another colander - you just need a better one! Every kitchen in America uses colanders, and Jacob Bromwell® has been making them for over 190 years. Celebrate the art of cooking with a colander that's as timeless as some of grandma's favorite recipes. This stainless steel colander features an iconic shape and design, and much to our delight it has become a favorite among serious cooks and collectors across America. Add this strong and durable All-American Colander to your country kitchen, and you'll not only be in good company, but you'll also own a bit of history. Super sturdy and first-rate performance guaranteed.


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