A Flask Fit for a Hollywood Legend

A Flask Fit for a Hollywood Legend

Has there ever been another motion picture star as tough, rugged and all-American as John Wayne? He starred in 142 movies, and helped to epitomize the on-screen cowboy with his "true grit." John Wayne once said that "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." And what this man's gotta do is bring you unique and genuine made in America products...and that includes one of my newest items, the John Wayne Edition Flask!   This limited edition, beautiful flask is built the same as our copper Great American Flask (which means that it is soldiered, not welded) but enclosed in a hand-dyed, leather carrying case with integrated belt clip (which makes it perfect for taking along for trail rides--whether by foot, beast or bicycle!) The distinctive copper chain and authentic American birch stopper tell you that this flask means business--just like ol' Rooster Cogburn himself.   In a few weeks, the motion picture stars and producers will gather at the 86th annual Academy Awards to recognize the best in the movie biz. Well, I reckon this flask oughta receive its own award, partner. A Jacob Bromwell exclusive, this flask is only available on my site. To learn more and to order your own, just click here.

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