A Lil' Nod To the 'Nog!

A Lil' Nod To the 'Nog!

This isn't one of my favorite times of the year just because of the grand cheer, twinkly lights, and snowflakes in the air. It's also because it's the one and only time of the year we get to savor that tasty treat, eggnog!   Eggnog may be one of the yuletide season's oldest beverages, and became a favorite of founding Americans. As far back as medieval Britain, people were sipping a hot, milky, ale-based drink they called posset. In the 13th century, monks were making a posset made with eggs and figs.   In the 1700s, English immigrants coming to America brought eggnog recipes with them. The term eggnog supposedly comes from the word noggin, which was a wooden cup, and grog, which was a strong beer. Before long the recipe evolved so that it contained egg yolks, milk, and very often, alcohol. One of our founding fathers, George Washington, revered a recipe that was VERY heavy on the "grog"! It called for brandy, rye whiskey, rum, and sherry among the traditional ingredients. Today the holiday beverage typically is made with milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and spices.   If you are going to add grog to your 'nog, be sure to drink responsibly and enjoy the seasonal cheer! And don't forget that my American made Jack's Moscow Mule Cup makes a fine vessel for sipping and savoring that eggnog, Christmas punch, or whatever else tickles your fancy during the holidays and year round!

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