Arnold Palmer: An American Legend and His Beverage

Arnold Palmer: An American Legend and His Beverage

When the summer weather turns downright steamy, nothing else quenches the thirst or pleases the taste buds like icy cold lemonade or iced tea. Except for one thing: lemonade AND iced tea mixed together!   That there beverage, folks, is known as an Arnold Palmer, named after the American golfing great by the same name. Legend tells that Palmer was overheard in a country club restaurant one day asking the bartender for a drink made of half lemonade and half iced tea. A nearby patron told her server, "I'll have an Arnold Palmer, please."   It may be the world's easier drink to make: just mix equal parts of lemonade and iced tea, sweetened to your liken. Or, if you prefer a kick in your Arnold Palmer, spike it with your favorite bourbon to create a "Tipsy Palmer" (I promise your secret is safe with me!)   I've always admired American ingenuity, which is why I offer several products made in the USA to help you enjoy your Arnold Palmer or any summer beverage: my Collector's Copper Cup, Timeless Copper Thermos, Classic Tin Cup, and even my Great American Flask. All help to keep your summer sipping cool and refreshing--whether on the golf course or in that backyard hammock.

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