Day 119 of Jacob's Journey: A Fine Fir

Day 119 of Jacob's Journey: A Fine Fir

December 12, 1819   There's a sniff of snow in the air candles twinkling from nearby homesteads and the sounds of kiddies giggling with anticipation. This can only mean one thing that Christmas season is here! I'm hunkering down with my cousin Isaac, his wife, Virginia, and their two children, Abraham and Cora through the winter months until I get my factory up and profitable.   Today we ventured into the nearby woods and chopped down the perfect Christmas tree--a fine looking fir, about 5 feet tall, with lush branches for hanging ornaments. Issac and I secured it into a stand, and we all adorned it with homemade baubles crafted by Abraham and Cora's hands: garland made of popcorn and cranberries, shiny tin ornaments, and paper cones and fans. But no candles--we all agreed that would be too risky, especially with Abraham and Cora's rascally kitten running about!   With the hearth crackling and family gathered about, the tree sure creates a festive atmosphere in this Bromwell home. Hard to believe that in less than two weeks, Kris Kringle will be making his rounds.   If you need popcorn for your own tree, or just to munch on, my Original Popcorn Popper will do the trick nicely! It works over a stovetop or fireplace, and you can check it out here.

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