Day 22 of Jacob's Journey: Hot Potato

Day 22 of Jacob's Journey: Hot Potato

July 26, 1819 Another invention I have drummed up this summer is what I'm fondly calling the Authentic Potato Baker. Why, with all the travelin' light, I'm finding I'm able to create every day, all day, with only breaks for meals, "shut eye", and ahem--when nature calls! Imagine enjoying scrumptious potatoes baked just right with a crispy outer skin and fluffy inside, slathered with butter and sour cream, or any topping your heart desires. The prongs help cook the potatoes from the inside out. Why, family and friends can gather 'round the fire not just for warm and hearty, wholesome potatoes, but chats about the crops over a game or two of cards. I just have to share my invention with my fellow citizens throughout our great nation! Amongst other products, it was put together here by American hands with tender lovin' care. Check out this fine relic for yourself.

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