Day 35 of Jacob's Journey: The Great American Fair

Day 35 of Jacob's Journey: The Great American Fair

Photo via the Kansas Historical Society  August 21, 1819 When Pioneer and I crossed over the Ohio border this morn, we came upon a hubbub of activity going on in the town square. In a local field, livestock was being paraded about and bestowed with blue ribbons. Ladies were peddling their pies, cobblers and other baked goodies. Burly farmers were setting their pigs onto a track to see who could race 'round it the quickest. The kiddos were playing with whirligigs and handmade hobby horses that a local merchant was selling. I asked a nearby gent what the occasion was, and taking his pipe out of his mouth he replied, "Why son, don't you know? It's our annual town fair!"   A fair! Never before had I heard of such an event, but as I soon learned, the town of York, Pennsylvania had been holding a fair every year starting in 1765, and other American locations were picking up on the tradition. Something tells me it won't take long for this so-called fair to spread like wisteria across this great nation of ours, because I hadn't had so much fun since I won that round of poker in Berkeley Springs back in May, when my journey began.   After such a rollicking bang-up day of festivities, it's time for some grub and a nap. Destination Cincinnati is just around the bend!   Editor's Note: It's almost fair season in America! To find a state fair near you, check out the site for a list of U.S. fairs and the dates they take place.

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