Day 5 of Jacob's Journey: Greater With a Grater

Day 5 of Jacob's Journey: Greater With a Grater

May 2, 1819   Along the road out of Hagerstown, I met a group of men gathered around a campfire, and they invited me to stay for dinner. The cookie's name was Nathaniel Morgan, and I dare say he was the finest cook I've had the pleasure of knowing. He was a fubsy old coot, knee high to a grasshopper, with an evil eye and half an ear. But what he lacked in ears and demeanor he made up for in culinary mastery. He claimed to have learned everything about cookery between the start of Texas Revolution and the end of the Spanish-American War, picking up tips from survivalist soldiers and renowned chefs alike. After polishing off his pork, beans and cornbread he told me over a round of tequila, “Bromwell you old sonofagun, if you wanna be great, you gotta dance like you've got tabasco pumpin' in yer veins. But if you wanna be greater... get a grater. I will never forget his sage words. Now I know what to name the grater I bought along for the trip: Morgan's Famous Grater. It's made the same way it was nearly two-hundred years ago. It features fine, medium, and coarse grating surfaces, plus a slicing surface, making you master of cheese and produce. You can request it finished in either stainless steel or original tin (my favorite, since it stays sharper longer). Next time you're in the kitchen with inferior cookware, just think: Can my kitchen get any greater? Now it can, with Morgan's Famous Grater.

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