Day 54 of Jacob's Journey: A Wild and Woolly Winter

Day 54 of Jacob's Journey: A Wild and Woolly Winter

Image via Fox Haven Journal September 25, 1819   It's now officially autumn and that means 'tis the season for Woolly Bear caterpillars, which turn into Tiger moths. With our flatboat stopped, we disembarked and I took Pioneer for a walk and some grass and found one of the little critters amongst the leaves. Brown, black and fuzzy, he instinctively curled up in the palm of my hand when I picked him up for a closer look. Legend has it that the brown band in their center can indicate what kind of winter we can expect. Less brown means a harsher winter, more brown a mild one, and then there's the combination that says we're smack in the middle.   Snow in moderation seems to be the message the little fellow I picked up was telling me, but I'm taking no chances: when my factory is up and running, I'm producing plenty of items to keep those home fires burning bright, such as this Vintage Coal Hod. With this handy dandy hod by your hearth's side, you'll be able to keep your fireplace clean or a steady supply of firewood or wood chips nearby to keep those home fires burning bright. No matter what the woolly bear says.

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