Day 82 of Jacob's Journey: Much to Be Thankful For

Day 82 of Jacob's Journey: Much to Be Thankful For


November 21, 1819   Butternut squash mash...cornbread dressing...pumpkin pie...and a succulent bird wrapped around apple and chestnut stuffing topped with gravy. Swell food is always a pleasure to be thankful for, and I sure am more than ready to tuck into my cousin's wife's feast tomorrow with family and friends!   But more importantly, I'm also grateful for finally completing the amazing journey to my chosen city of Cincinnati that started in spring of this year. I've traveled by foot, by horseback and by flatboat to realize my dream of founding a company that will produce American-made wares to make home life a little easier and more comfortable for citizens of this fine country for many years to come.   Now comes the hard part...scoping out a suitable location for a factory in town and hiring folks to work the wire looms. But first things first--tomorrow is Thanksgiving!   Editors's Note: We at Jacob Bromwell would like to wish all of our customers, followers and friends a very happy Thanksgiving. Here's hoping you all have much to be thankful for this year!

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