Gettin' Social with Jacob Bromwell

Gettin' Social with Jacob Bromwell

Back in my day, "following" is what a cub does to a mama bear, "pinning" is what my Ma did to my sister's skirt hemlines and "tweeting" is what the birds do at the crack of dawn. But apparently, it's the Internet age for most of you folks out there and that's why Jacob Bromwell invites you to connect with us on our social media channels, particularly our Facebook page where we've been doing all kinds of neat-o giveaways of our products.   Here's where you can find Jacob Bromwell on the social media channels (each is linked directly to our page): Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ We love conversing with our customers and fans there, and announcing new products as well as made in America news, recipes, corny jokes and anything else we think our followers will find useful. We look forward to getting social with you!

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