Ghost Town USA

Ghost Town USA

Deep in the Sierra Mountains, about 75 miles from Lake Tahoe, sits the eerie remains of Bodie, California, a ghost town that once thrived on gold mining.   Back in the day, Bodie was a hustling, bustling town that attracted rabble rousers and ruffians from all walks of life. It was home to brothels, "houses of ill repute", gambling halls, opium dens in the Chinatown neighborhood, and over 65 saloons! By 1879, nearly 7,000 folks populated Bodie. Miners searching for gold would end their day in Bodie's red light district and if no one died by the following morning, that was considered a miracle. Murders, shootouts, and stagecoach hold ups were everyday occurrences.   So it's probably just as well that when the gold dried up and the U.S. government started shutting down non-essential mines during WWII that many troublemakers left Bodie. What they left behind are the ramshackle remains of old buildings and vehicles that apparently have quite a tale to tell!   The California State Parks System took over Bodie in 1962 and turned it into a State Historical Park. That means it's open to the public...if you dare the risk of encountering an old West ghost! It's been said that Bodie is extremely haunted and that the spirits of the residents who lived there don't take kindly to any visitor who tries to swipe a souvenir from the town. I think I'll stay close to home this Halloween; thank you very much.   But if you want to capture that spirit of the rootin' tootin' American frontier, look no further than Jacob Bromwell. I've plenty of items that would have felt right at home in Bodie...especially my Great American Flask. Made in the USA of copper, I'm pretty sure this would've been a big hit back in the Bodie day.   We here at Jacob Bromwell wish all of our customers and followers a safe and happy Halloween, with plenty of treats and not a lot of tricks!

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