Happy National Cheese Day!

Happy National Cheese Day!

June 5th just happens to be one of my favorite "holidays"--for it's National Cheese Day! I'll never forget the first time I savored my first taste, a tangy slice of hard cheddar at Old Joe's general store in Hagerstown, Maryland when I first started my journey to Cincinnati. Back when I was a much younger chap, cheese was a real treat. That's because up until the mid-1800s in America, cheesemaking farms were mostly found only in the New England states and along our country's eastern coast. I wasn't until 1831 that Wisconsin saw its first cheese factory open for business.   Why not celebrate the day by slapping a slice of gouda on your burger patty, piling shredded pepper jack or cheddar onto some nachos, or melting some brie to enjoy with crackers and grapes? There's also my personal favorite: the good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich!   And if you're looking for a beautiful made in the USA item to slice and dice your favorite variety of cheese, look no further than my Old Country Cheese Board, hand cut in one piece of American maple and accompanied by a cheese knife. At 14" X 11" it's just the right size to tote along to BBQs, picnics and other gatherings and guaranteed to make any event cheesy--in a good way, of course.

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