Have Cash Clip, Will Carry

Have Cash Clip, Will Carry


It happened inside Old Man Wilson's haberdashery. I was waiting to pay for my bag of flour when I noticed that the gentleman in front of me had dropped some hard-earned cash on the floor. Now, spilt milk is one thing and not something to cry over, but spilt bills is something altogether!   "Excuse me, good sir--but I believe you dropped this" I said as I handed over his wad of cash. "Land sakes!" he replied. "Thank you, my good man, ever so much for being an honest Joe."   "Actually, the name's Jacob, but you're welcome!"   "And I'm John--John Lexington. You have yourself a good day" he said with a tip of the hat, as he left with his wares and recovered money.   And that's when the creative juices struck me--folks need something would hold money and keep it together. After some tinkering in my factory, I emerged with the Lexington Money Clip: a beautiful, 100% copper clip that allows gentlemen to carry their bucks in style. My clip is made in the USA just like all of my products. No more fumbling with a wallet, digging into a pocket or dropping cash on the ground! My Lexington Money Clip--inspired by Mr. Lexington--will keep everything from bucks to Benjamins in their rightful place. Just click right over here to learn more or to buy one (money not included.)

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