Jacob's Holiday Gift Guide for 2014

Jacob's Holiday Gift Guide for 2014

Ho, ho, ho! Jacob Claus, here! Our Bromwell elves are hard at work, turning out the made in USA goods in droves to deliver to all of the good boys and girls this holiday season. And in case you haven't the slightest notion of what to get the loved ones on your list, have no fear because Jacob has your back, and plenty of gift ideas to fill Santa's sack!   For the cook of the house, why not get them an All-American Flour Sifter from the company that practically invented this indispensable kitchen accessory? That's right; Jacob Bromwell Inc. held the patents to the world's first flour sifter, and we're still making it in the USA in the original style. That means a 4-wire stainless steel agitator, with each wire sweeping the screen below it making for the smoothest flour and other dry baking ingredients you can put into your favorite recipes. Not to mention the possibility of more mouth-watering treats soon to fill your household!   The Original Popcorn Popper makes a fine present that anyone can enjoy! You don't even need a working fireplace to use it--your stovetop is just as handy dandy, and many of my customers who have tried it have said they'll never return to microwave popcorn again. We've been making this classic item for nearly 200 years in the USA, and the stainless steel construction ensures that it will not rust. The recipient of this lucky gift is guaranteed to pop a smile!   And for the fella in your life who's been really, really good, nothing beats my Great American Flask. As American as bourbon, this classic flask is handcrafted using pure copper (and hot tinned on the inside to meet FDA approval.) He'll feel like the movie hero of an American Western...or a bigwig Mad Men advertising executive when you give him one of these unique flasks.   And there's more...just check out my Gift Guide section for more ideas. All orders placed before Tuesday, Dec. 16 are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas...so get your orders in before then to spread a little made in America joy this holiday season!

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