Origins of the Easter Egg

Origins of the Easter Egg

Whether they be chocolate, plastic, or the real deal, one thing's for certain: Easter wouldn't be Easter without eggs in a little tyke's basket and on the dinner table. But where and when did the origin of decorating eggs for Easter come about, anyway?   The answer's a tricky one, because decorated eggs in one form or another have their origins going back thousands of years, and in various countries. The Africans were apparantly decorating ostrich eggs over 60,000 years ago. The Christian tradition of decorating eggs for Easter originated thousands of years ago when early Christians dyed eggs red to symbolize the blood of Jesus. The Christian Church then adopted the practice, and when Christians crack the eggs it's said to represent Jesus' empty tomb.     Today, mostly anyone that celebrates Easter participates in egg decorating and dying. It can range from something as simple as a store-bought dye kits that is mixed with vinegar that eggs are dunked into to the elaborate Polish egg decorating known as pisanki (pictured above) that is common throughout Eastern Europe. The day after Easter Sunday, children are invited to the White House lawn for the annual Easter Egg Roll.   No matter how you like to decorate them eggs, we here at Jacob Bromwell would like to wish you and yours a very happy Easter!

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