Raise A Toast to Jacob Bromwell's New 1819 Spirits!

Raise A Toast to Jacob Bromwell's New 1819 Spirits!


  For nearly 200 years Jacob Bromwell has been handcrafting American made flasks, cups, beer mugs, and more. Now it's time to fill those made in USA drinking vessels with liquor that is also proudly made here in the USA. Introducing Jacob Bromwell 1819 Spirits!   Named after the year our founder started his manufacturing business, our line of 1819 Spirits are distilled by hand in small batches at American distilleries. Our pioneer liquors are  perfect for enjoying as part of your favorite cocktail, on the rocks, or sipped from your favorite Jacob Bromwell flask or cup.   There are four liquors to savor. First, there's our 1819 Bourbon Whiskey, the original that inspired the line. Our American bourbon whiskey has a caramel color and aroma, with notes of citrus, black pepper, and ginger snap. Next is our brash 1819 Pioneer Rum, with an amber color and blackstrap molasses roots. For those that like their cocktails on the tony side, our 1819 American Gin offers a juniper and pine aroma with hints of orange, lavender, and cardamon. Lastly, enjoy our 1819 Silver Vodka served neat or as part of your favorite libation. Its taste features hints of sweet fruit and pepper for smooth sipping.   All of our 1819 Spirits arrive in a handblown glass bottle, also made in the USA just like all of our products. So raise a toast to the American spirit with these spirits that are truly American!

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