Remember the Alamo Flask!

Remember the Alamo Flask!

The Battle of the Alamo that occurred in 1936 is a legendary event in Texas' grand history. Although tragic, if it hadn't taken place, many Texans wouldn't have been inspired to join the Texan Army, thus defeating the Mexican Army a few months later and helping to end the Texas Revolution. It's a story about struggling against the odds and fighting for freedom.   In a way, the Jacob Bromwell company has struggled against all odds as well, keeping its manufacturing here in the USA during a time when other companies are making their goods overseas. That's why I'm proud to introduce one of our newest products: the Alamo Round Flask. It's made the same way as our other flasks--by hand with care--and features a rounded canteen-like shape and a screw top, airtight closure. Best of all, measuring only 3.75" across, this little copper beauty tucks away discretely inside a jacket pocket and makes a fine gift for groomsmen...or yourself! Enjoy it with fine company.

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