Tis the Season for Chestnuts

Tis the Season for Chestnuts

When it comes to holiday treats, chestnuts are probably not the first choice that comes to most folks' minds, especially when this is the time of year for cookies, gingerbread houses and candy canes. Yet chestnuts date back to ancient times--they are still favored in the Mediterranean area and parts of Europe, and are always served in Japan as part of the New Year menu. Our Native Americans cultivated and savored the nuts long before Europe started exporting them to the U.S.   Chestnuts are the "nuts" from a tree species. Starchy, creamy and slightly sweet, they provide several nutrients to keep your motor humming including vitamin C, protein, oleic acid, folates and your friend and mine, fiber!   In today's stores you can buy chestnuts in jars or already peeled and roasted, but my favorite way of preparing them is in my Signature Chestnut Roaster. A Jacob Bromwell staple product for many moons now, my contraption lets you evenly cook chestnuts over an open fire or stovetop, and releases moisture through its steam vents, so it turns out evenly roasted, crisp chestnuts every time! And like all of my products, it's still made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee.   So put some Nat King Cole on the turntable and start a new holiday tradition this year. Like Midwest Magazine declared, you'll know the holidays have arrived when you use our Signature Chestnut Roaster!

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