Welcome to Raking and Baking Season!

Welcome to Raking and Baking Season!

Well folks, we're about to say fare thee well to another summer; the autumnal equinox begins tonight at 10:29 EDT. It's a bittersweet time as we realize there won't be many more dips in the local watering hole and our shorts and sandals go into hibernation until May or so.   Ah, but no use fretting about it because the fall season is equally full of good cheer. State fairgrounds open their gates, Oktoberfest begins, and Halloween--that trickin' and treatin' time--is just around the bend. But my favorite part of autumn is hearing the clanking coming from the kitchen as Mrs. Bromwell starts whipping up her best goodies using several of my baking pans. That's why I fondly refer to this time of year as "raking and baking season"...the season of clearing leaves, but also of warming up the hearth.   For example, there's my Golden Era Pie Plates that she uses to bake her classic apple pie, the Marshall Bread Pan that turns out her delicious spiced pumpkin loaf, the Heritage Cookie Sheet that bakes up scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, and the All-Natural Muffin Pan for creating golden blueberry muffins, the perfect companion for any breakfast (besides Mrs. Bromwell herself, of course!) Is your mouth watering as much as mine right now?   All of these items are made in the USA and backed by my lifetime guarantee. Now that's a warm thought to get us through the chilliest part of the year! And of course, there are many more baking products available where these came from, so have a look around my site, and get ready to welcome fall.

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