What Is the Difference Between Made in USA and Assembled in USA?

What Is the Difference Between Made in USA and Assembled in USA?

If you're a consumer with an eagle eye for made in USA products, after a while you may start to notice that some items for sale are labeled "assembled in USA" instead. But what's the difference...is there a difference? Don't both terms mean the same thing? Not quite.   Products that say "made in the USA" are not only made here in the United States, but are made of materials sourced from the U.S. Not all of the materials have to be made in America for the finished product to carry the "made in USA" seal, but most of them have to be.   On the other hand, assembled in the USA has a slightly different meaning; it means that the materials making up the product are all from foreign sources, but the product itself is made in the USA. Sometimes a company will divulge that a certain percentage of the parts came from overseas, or from the U.S. (for example, "60% U.S. Content.")   Then there's the sneaky companies that may put an American flag and/or say "American brand" on the item's tag. Be careful if you see this description, and look for the fine print to see where the product was actually made. Chances are it was constructed overseas, but the company is giving the illusion that because they are an American brand the product was made here in the U.S.   Rest assured, all of Jacob Bromwell's products are certifiably made in the USA! That includes all of the materials that go into making my fine vintage style products, from the copper and tin in my flasks and other drinking vessels to the leather in my business card holders. Most of our products are handcrafted, and very often by using the original tools and equipment that our earlier factories used decades ago. We're proud to claim the made in USA label. Happy made in USA shopping!

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