Say Hello To Your New Favorite Pocket Knife

Say Hello To Your New Favorite Pocket Knife

If there’s one thing every pioneer needed back in 1819, it was a quality made pocket knife that could hold up to any task around the homestead, from cutting rope to cutting up steak. Jacob Bromwell® is pleased to re-introduce our Traditional Pocket Knife, a classic American made knife that was a part of our product line nearly 200 years ago. Our Traditional Pocket Knife features a walnut handle, brass rivets, and a hand-sharpened high carbon steel blade. It fits the hand very comfortably and the 3-inch-long blade is strong enough to handle any of those tough jobs around the camp. Each pocket knife is 100% handmade in the USA at our workshop, and we think you’ll love the classic styling of the blade and wood handle. Use it as your go-to carry piece, or for fine and rough work around the campsite or your home.

There are 10 reasons for the pocket knife to be a part of your every day carry:

1. Self Defense

2. Fire Building

3. First Aid

4. Eating and Food Prep

5. Prying

6. Altering Clothing

7. Digging

8. Opening Packages

9. Field Dressing

10. Whittling Gear

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