Where are Jacob Bromwell® Flasks Made?

Where are Jacob Bromwell® Flasks Made?

We have made a transition from being a 100% Made in USA brand to being a 100% American Heritage brand. Selling America and our heritage as a brand remains at the forefront of what we do, but not all of our products are 100% Made in the USA anymore. We have had to make that pivot recently in order to keep our costs more in line with targets and remain in business.

We try to keep as many of our products Made in the USA as we can, and the majority of our items still are, but some items are partially or completely made overseas to allow us to stay in business. As we mention on our website, the majority of our items are still made here in the States, and we will continue to make as many products here as we possibly can to support American workers.

If a product we sell meets the Made in USA qualifications, the product page will reflect this. Our flasks are no longer made in the USA. These are now handmade to high standards by artisans in India. We realize this may be disappointing to hear, but with the challenges of our supply chain last year during COVID-19, it was a strategic move we had to make in order to continue to sell these one-of-a-kind handmade flasks. We are strict on quality and all flasks are still guaranteed for life.

Thank you for supporting Jacob Bromwell® and American heritage products.



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