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Here are the most common questions we're frequently asked, and the answers too. If you have a question not listed on this page, feel free to get in touch with us!

Do you offer engraving on all Jacob Bromwell® products?
Are all Jacob Bromwell® products Made in the USA?
Are Jacob Bromwell® products really made to last forever?
Are there different shades and tones in the sheets of copper that you use?
Can I purchase individual replacement parts and/or accessories for my product?
Can I receive instructions for my product?
Can you make me a completely unique, custom-made copper product?
Did your company change its name from Bromwell Housewares to Jacob Bromwell®?
Do any Jacob Bromwell® products require batteries?
Do you use lead-free solder in your copper products?
Does Jacob Bromwell® still make the 3-cup flour sifter?
Does the Great American Flask come with a chain or rope?
How can I get scratches out of my copper product?
How do I properly clean my Jacob Bromwell® product?
How much is my vintage/antique Jacob Bromwell® product worth?
How old is my Jacob Bromwell® cheese grater?
How old is my Jacob Bromwell® flour sifter?
I already own a Jacob Bromwell® copper product and would now like to get it engraved. Can you engrave my product for me?
I am an inventor and would like to speak with someone about manufacturing and/or licensing my product. Who can I speak with?
I am interested in ordering a large quantity of drinking cups from Jacob Bromwell®. Can you provide me with a quote?
I have a retail store and would like to carry your products. Do you sell your items at wholesale pricing?
I lost, or did not receive, the instruction and recipe pamphlet for my popcorn popper and/or chestnut roaster. Can you send me another copy?
I own a Jacob Bromwell® copper product that is defective and needs repairs. How can I get it fixed?
I own a vintage/antique Jacob Bromwell® product and it is rusting. Should I be concerned? How can I remove the rust?
I run a blog and would like to review and/or host a giveaway of your products. Are you interested in working with us?
I've seen other copperwares for less money. Why are your copper cups and other copper products so expensive?
Is it possible to retro-fit the screw top from The Vermonter Flask on my Great American Flask?
Is it safe to drink out of your tin cups?
Is my Jacob Bromwell® flour sifter missing a cap on the end of the rod?
My nonprofit organization is having a fundraiser/silent auction soon. Is Jacob Bromwell® interested in donating products to us?
The product I want to order is out of stock. When will it be back in stock? And can I be put on a waiting list?
What font do you use for custom engraved items?
What is the difference between the Original Popcorn Popper and Healthy Popcorn Popper?
What's the difference between 'original tin' and 'stainless steel'?
Where are Jacob Bromwell® products made?
Where are your factories located?
Where do you get your material?
Where is Jacob Bromwell® located?
Why are Jacob Bromwell® products so expensive?
Why does my Bromwell product have the words "Michigan City" on it?
Why does the Great American Flask come with a wood stopper and a cork stopper?
Why would I buy a Jacob Bromwell® product when I can purchase a modern equivalent for less money?
Are Jacob Bromwell® products ever on sale?
Are you currently offering any discount codes and/or military discounts?
Can I place my order and pay by check, cash, or money order?
Does Jacob Bromwell® operate any brick-and-mortar retail stores?
How is sales tax calculated?
I am entering the discount code you provided but it is not working. Why is it not working?
I am interested in purchasing a Jacob Bromwell® product through another retailer, and I can't find it on your website. Why is that?
I am receiving an AVS mismatch error message when I try to place my order online. Why is this?
I just placed my order but I have not received an order confirmation email. Can you help?
I live near one of your factories. Can I take a tour or visit the factory in person?
I placed an order but forgot to enter the discount code. Can you apply the discount to my order or refund me for the discounted amount?
I tried to place an order on your website but my credit card did not go through. Why do I see a charge on my card statement?
I tried to place an order using your discount code but it has expired. Can I still use the discount code to redeem my discount?
I would like to order a catalog. Can you please send me one?
I would like to order by phone. How can I place a phone order?
My under is slightly under the $250 minimum for free shipping. Can you please provide free shipping for my order?
The price of the product I want to order suddenly increased on your website. Why is this?
The product I want to purchase is priced higher on your website than at other retailers. Why is this?
What are your customer service hours?
Where do I insert my discount code?
Which retail stores carry Jacob Bromwell® products?
Will you send me an order confirmation email after I place my order?
Are you able to expedite custom engraved items?
Can you ship to a PO Box or APO address?
Can you ship to multiple addresses from a single order?
Do you ship on major holidays?
Does Jacob Bromwell® ship products worldwide?
How can I receive a shipping estimate?
How long will it take to receive my order?
I already placed my order and need to change the shipping method. Can you please expedite my order?
I have not received my order. Can you let me know the tracking number and the status of my order?
I just placed my order and I need to change or cancel it. Can you help me?
I ordered a custom engraved item but I have not received it yet. Where is my item?
I received my package and one or more items is missing from my order. Can you help?
I tracked my order and the shipping carrier says the package has been delivered, but I have not received it. Can you help?
I want to place an order but I'm in a hurry to receive the product. Do you offer expedited shipping options?
What are your shipping hours?
What is the price for expedited shipping?
What shipping carriers does Jacob Bromwell® use?
Where do Jacob Bromwell® products ship from?
Why are your shipping rates so high?
Why is the shipping estimate on your website different than the final shipping price I am being charged?
Can you tell me about your Return Policy?
Can you tell me more about your Lifetime Guarantee?
I have a charge on my credit card from your company but I never placed an order. Can you issue me a refund?
I own a vintage/antique Jacob Bromwell® product. Can I return or exchange it for a new one?
I received a package from your company but I never placed an order. Can you help me?
I would like to return or exchange my product. Can you issue me an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number?
Is the credit card information I submit on your website secure?
What is the credit card verification number?
How do I submit a rating and review for a product?

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