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Healthy Popcorn Popper


"Straightforward and hardworking. No non-stick surfaces, no ergonomic handles." — USA Network Character Approved

Want a healthy, wholesome snack the whole family can enjoy? Our Healthy Popcorn Popper delivers all of the benefits of our Original Popcorn Popper, but requires no oil, leaving you with a lower-fat snack. Both of our popcorn poppers make delicious popcorn, and everyone loves watching the kernels magically transform into fluffy popcorn, whether it’s popped over an open fire or kitchen stovetop. This durable popcorn popper is still made in Indiana in the heart of popcorn country, and now in its 195th year of production, having warmly maintained its original design since it was introduced in the early 1800s. So enjoy our Healthy Popcorn Popper the same way Americans did centuries ago. You may never have experienced popcorn this good!


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Poppin' Information About Your Healthy Popcorn Popper:

  • A Jacob Bromwell® product is an investment for life. Only our company manufactures these quality healthy popcorn poppers! Many other popcorn poppers imitate the original Bromwell design. None are made as well, and none have the history to back them up. See how it's made here at our Factory Tour!
  • It can be used over any open fire 3.5 quart capacity lets you evenly pops popcorn over an open fire, as well as a stove top (gas, wood, or electric).
  • Available in both 'original tin' and 'stainless steel'. As a company that prides itself on the authenticity of its products, this Heritage Collection product is available in 'original tin', which is the same material that our company used nearly two centuries ago. For those who prefer a more premium material, we are now offering this product in 'stainless steel' as well for an additional cost. As a premium material, stainless steel has a shinier finish than tin, is a bit heavier, and is rust-resistant.
  • Much better than microwave popcorn. Unlike microwave popcorn with low popping ratio, this healthy version of our famous popcorn popper features automatic steam venting and promises super fast and consistent popcorn every time!
  • Durable and non-electric. The durable and non-electric design has held up all these years, and it's fun for the entire family!
  • It's comfortable to use. Wood handle promises to keep your hands cool.
  • 100% free instruction & recipe pamphlet included. The recipe booklet will let you enjoy delicious popcorn recipes for weeks!
  • Stainless steel is guaranteed not to rust. Our Healthy Popcorn Popper is now built out of quality stainless steel, which is guaranteed not to rust.
  • Product care: Hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher.
  • Dimensions and weight: 5 x 8 x 25 (inches), 2.00 (pounds).
  • Minor cosmetic imperfections may occur. Small imperfections are a natural part of the handmade process and lend charm, depth, and individuality to each piece.
  • This product is guaranteed for life. Your purchase is backed by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.
  • It's proudly made in America. Still Made in the USA, even after all these years. Buy American and save jobs.

Jacob Bromwell® is the trusted authority of American-made housewares. Download our 100% free e-book and learn about the history of popcorn in America!


Zach Freidman
Product Rating :
Healthy Popper is nice, good solid construction, no moving parts like the co. advertises. 5 stars for being accurately represented.
Tim Cline
Product Rating :
I support what your company is doing and how you are doing it. Your products are good. Real good.
Joanna Jameson
Product Rating :
My handle broke. So what I do? I call JB! And they give me a new one free.
Product Rating :
This is a great idea. I don't think my kids would mind that it doesn't have butter either!
Product Rating :
OK.. I could not wait to get this popper. I chkeecd the reviews..and decided that this was the one. So if you buy this one .I recommend it.
Product Rating :
Great product, works well without oil as advertised.
Product Rating :
Just reading your blog while I'm thinikng about doing a 28 day challenge. To get the nutritional yeast to stick try misting (using a spray bottle) the popcorn with low salt tamari sauce or use Bragg's Liquid Amino, then sprinkle on the yeast. It is really yummy! My kids love popcorn this way better than the greasy butter coated style.
Product Rating :
I bought this on a whim and decided to try this for the fun of it. Surprisingly, the popcorns came out very well. I was not too confident to use the retro style popcorn popper and so asked for guidance. It takes a while for people to get (re)used to the traditional way of making popcorn and it took me three tries to actually get the hang of it. But after that, it has always been fun to use this. People who are willing to try and learn the old way of making popcorn must buy this product as it is the most reputed in the market with the longest warranty period.
Product Rating :
Jacob Bromwell’s Healthy Popcorn Popper. I LOVE popcorn, it’s one of my favorite snacks to eat. It’s low calorie and filling. The popcorn popper was easy to use. We popped the corn over our wood burning fireplace. The only mistake we made was not letting our fire get hot enough before we tried popping and it took us a long time to get it popped. Both of us had sore arms from shaking the popper but it was well worth it in the end. This was the yummiest popcorn I’ve ever eaten and I loved that it was healthy for us. It even popped all the kernels of corn leaving nothing to waste.
B. T.
Product Rating :
The long handle does well to keep you away from the fire, which is obviously quite important!! I have had alot of fun with the kids making popcorn. I would prefer the actual body of the item to be a little bigger but overall it's a great item.
Bret N
Product Rating :
I chose this one over the Original Corn Popper because it has holes that drain oil. It's a neat product and my family had a lot of fun using it.
Product Rating :
It's great because there's no excess oil. I am happy.

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Healthy Popcorn Popper_ Healthy Popcorn Popper_ Healthy Popcorn Popper_

Healthy Popcorn Popper

_Healthy Popcorn Popper by Jacob Bromwell, Inc

Healthy Popcorn Popper

_Healthy Popcorn Popper by Jacob Bromwell, Inc

Healthy Popcorn Popper

_Healthy Popcorn Popper by Jacob Bromwell, Inc



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Healthy Popcorn Popper


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