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Jacob Bromwell - Journal

  • Jacob Bromwell's Gift Guide for 2016!

    Posted on December 2, 2016

    It's "the most wonderful time of the year" as the ol' song goes...time for twinkling lights, tree trimming, and shaking presents to guess what's inside the box. And if you need some inspirational ideas for the American-made fan on your list, then read on because old Jacob's got you covered! We saw the introduction of so many new products this year that we have something for every man and woman on your list.


    And lest it slips my mind to mention it, our grand 50% Holiday Sale us running NOW through December 20th! Use the discount code SAVE50 when you order to save yourself a whopping 50% off your order; no restrictions! It's our way of saying "happy holidays" to you. Now on to the list!


    First, one of our biggest sellers is our Classic Tin Cup, modeled after the ones used by soldiers during the Civil War. But even if the greatest war you fight every day is feigning off sleep, our tin cup is great for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or any other beverage as you see fit. Amazingly, these cups are still produced much the same way they were back in 1819 when I started the company -- without soldiering, welding, or rivets. Now that's something to bring back nostalgia with each sip!




    Next, grown ups and kids alike will enjoy hearing kernels pop when our Original Popcorn Popper is in use. Use it over a fire or your stove top and within minutes you'll be savoring the crunchy goodness of this American snack. It's another classic of ours that the company has been producing for nearly 200 years.


    Now, if you're a guy (or gal) that likes to tote a flask that won't leak on you, we recommend our Vermonter Flask. With this best seller, we've taken our original Great American Flask and included a machined screw top instead of a cork to ensure a tight fit and leak-proof vessel. You'll be toasting the ingenuity of this finely crafted made in USA copper beauty!


    For the foodie on your list, nothing beats a kitchen classic, and that includes our Homestead Rolling Pin. This extra long wooden rolling pin perfectly rolls our pastry or cookie dough to the ideal thickness, and also comes in handy for tenderizing meats (and pounding the stress out of the day!) Ours is made of American maple for smooth rolling that will go on and on for decades.



    Love entertaining and shaking up great cocktails for your guests? The partygoers will ooo and ahhh before even taking their first sip when they see you mixing up their poison in our beautiful copper and stainless steel Legacy Cocktail Shaker! This is one classy shaker...and when you're done making the martini, serve it our gorgeous copper Iconic Martini Glass. It's sure to make even James Bond envious!


    Lastly, how about pleasing the beer fan you know and love with our Ben Franklin Beer Stein? Now here's a guy that loved his suds--and we've created this Oktoberfest-sized stein to hold 32 ounces of your favorite ale, lager, or stout. The copper on this bad boy ensures your beer will stay chilled for longer


    Truth be told, there isn't any product we don't make that wouldn't make a fine gift for somebody you know. So take a look around our site, and don't forget to use the discount code SAVE50 to save half off your order! Happy holidays!


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  • Meet the Father of Bourbon, Elijah Craig

    Posted on October 27, 2016


    As the days turn shorter and cooler and the leaves continue to gently float to the ground, there's nothing like sitting in front of a cozy fireplace while sipping and savoring a serving of bourbon. We here at Jacob Bromwell really love the American liquor--so much so, that we introduced our very own brand, 1819 Bourbon Whiskey, earlier this year as part of our 1819 Spirits line.


    Bourbon has a deep history in the U.S., so that got us to thinking who invented and/or promoted it as an American spirit.  Most sources point us to a man named Reverend Elijah Craig. You may think it ironic that a man of the cloth is responsible for pioneering an alcoholic liquor, but it's true: Craig was a Baptist preacher from Virginia who became an entrepreneur of several businesses, one of which was in bourbon. But before we get into that...


    What Is Bourbon Whiskey?


    Bourbon is defined as a barrel aged, distilled American spirit that's made from corn. Although some sources like to credit Craig with inventing bourbon, the truth is no one knows for certain exactly who discovered that you could actually derive a tasty alcoholic drink from corn. We reckon that someone experimented with the idea after biting into a sweet cob one summery day. What we do know is that bourbon has been around since the 18th century, and that it's primarily associated with Kentucky and America's southern region in particular. When bourbon gets aged in charred oak casks, that's when it takes on its beautiful amber hue. And that takes us back to Elijah Craig's story...


    Did Elijah Craig Invent the Charred Oak Barrel?


    Craig opened his first bourbon distillery in 1789. By that time, many small American farms were also producing bourbon in small batches, so he certainly did not invent the liquor. However, legend has it that "The Father of Bourbon" was responsible for accidentally discovering that aging bourbon in charred oak barrels gives the liquor its characteristic color and flavoring, even though there's no hard proof (no pun intended) to the story. There are two scenarios to the tale: one, he didn't want to throw away his barrels after they got charred in a barn fire, so he used them to age the alcohol and two, he purposely charred the inside of the barrels to remove the previous flavors from the barrels' original contents. If it did indeed happen, then Reverend Craig was a frugal man and a lucky cooperative component to a happy accident! Ever since his discovery, bourbon -- including ours -- has been aged the same way.


    Amazingly, Craig didn't stop with the bourbon business. He also built the first ever hemp factory, made the first rope walk, built the first paper factory, started the first woolen mill and founded the first classical school west of the Appalachians, which later inspired Georgetown College. So whether he really is indeed the Father of Bourbon as history makes him out to be or not, he's worthy of a toast in our books -- a toast, of course, of our own 1819 Bourbon Whiskey!


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  • Who Was Ethan Allen...and Why Did We Name A Flask After Him?

    Posted on October 5, 2016


    Hear the name Ethan Allen and I'm willing to bet the farm that the furniture company immediately comes to mind, right-o? Well, Ethan Allen was a real person, and he was what you'd call a rootin', tootin' verifiable Jack of all trades and Renaissance man. Over the course of his lifetime, he was a farmer, businessman, land spectator, philosopher, writer, American Revolutionary patriot, hero, and politician. Whew! He also even inoculated himself against smallpox, a skill he probably picked up via a doctor pal he had an 18th century bromance with.


    Allen was born in Connecticut, served in the French and Indian War, and purchased land in what is now the Champlain Valley area of Vermont. New Hampshire and New York both tried to claim the land was their own, until Allen (who developed a reputation for being a rabble rouser) joined a group of ruffians called The Green Mountain Boys. The men named Allen their leader, and were able (sometimes through fisticuffs and other mischief) able to get New York and New Hampshire officials to back down.


    In 1775, the "boys" joined the American Revolution, this time fighting for the American colonies against British rule. Along with Benedict Arnold, Allen and his troupe of merry Green Mountain men easily captured Fort Ticonderoga in Vermont from the British, which was only being manned by four British solders. They then tried to seize Montreal to no avail, and Allen was captured and ended up in the pokey in Cornwall, England for two years.


    Upon his release, he returned back home to Vermont, helping to protect it from becoming part of Canadian rule. He died in 1789, two years before Vermont become the 14th U.S. state.


    Because he led such a colorful and varied career, and because our flasks are handcrafted in Vermont, we named our Ethan Allen Edition Flask after the man that helped found a part of this beautiful country. Our gorgeous flask is made in the USA of copper, swathed in dyed and oiled American leather, features a carrying strap, and comes with two copper Old West Shot Glasses--perfect for toasting the man himself! Want a chance to WIN an Ethan Allen Flask? Follow us on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet at the top of our page featuring the flask and the giveaway. A winner will chosen on Friday, October 7!


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