We at Jacob Bromwell are proud to announce that we've acquired another American made brand, Billy Twang! Billy Twang Mercantile has been making fire-cooking goods, pits, tools, and rubs in the USA since 1992!

And just who is Billy Twang? Well, masterin’ the manipulation of wood, charcoal, hot coals, and flames is a duty-bound skill; a true, authentic, and worthy endeavor. Billy Twang’s built countless fires—cookin’ meat to the delight of family, friends, and neighbors. His honed fire-cookin’ skills lead to simple truths and the discovery of the right purpose-driven tools. Those tools, tried and true, are available at Billy Twang® Mercantile, a purveyor of finely-made fire-cookin’ goods—all field-tested and flame-ready from the git-go.


In other words, at Billy Twang you'll find grills, BBQ rubs, gloves, ash shovels, utensils and more--everything you need for grilling season and all made in the USA just like every Jacob Bromwell product!