Jacob Bromwell® was established in 1819, and our e-commerce store has been live since 1999.  Over the years, we’ve made many friends.  We want to keep them all, and add many more.  Here are some recent Jacob Bromwell® customer testimonials.


My mom had a Bromwell sifter that she received when my parents married in 1949.  She used until she passed and I've been using it ever since.  It just started to rust but I couldn't part with it so I was so happy when I found the same brand still making the sifters.  The price seems like a lot but they are so easy to use, hold 5 cups and last a lifetime and can passed down to future generations.  So now I have Mom's and the new Bromwell sitting side by side.  Thanks Bromwell!  I have to THANK BROMWELL for continuing the tradition with such a high quality product.  It’s so hard to find these days that I just had to write you.  I’m definitely going to go thru your website to see you other great products.  THANKS BROMWELL!  You made my day and our baking tradition will continue using Bromwell.
–Janet K, LA


Never has a company been so responsive and accommodating.  My heartfelt thanks for renewing hope that there are companies who care about their customers and products.  May all the good you have done for me be returned to you tenfold.
–Diane P., CA

I thought you'd perhaps enjoy this short story.  I have been using an old grater for decades, and I love it—sturdy and sharp with useful cutting surfaces on each side. It was my mother-in-law's, and she brought it to Tucson in the 1930s from Michigan, we think.  I was in the market for a new grater for a town house we purchased and were outfitting, and I bought a cheapo China-made grater at Target. It lasted a week before breaking.  That same week I got an email from Jacob Bromwell® and went to the site to browse, since the email included a customer-appreciation discount offer. I found the cheese grater and ordered it (along with a baking sheet).  When it arrived I realized it looked amazingly familiar. I took it to our main home and indeed, the old grater is an original Bromwell from Indiana.  Well-done, folks. Nice to see tradition and quality still live.  I'll be passing both to my grandkids.
–Roseann H., AZ

Bromwell is the best quality sifter in the world worth spending any money on. I've bought many old ones from "antique" shops; however, my husband and I have a cake business in the works and any inspector will have issue with the old sifters. We've come across many other brands and purchased them, but they just are not the quality of a Bromwell.
–Deni C., NC

You should be proud to stand behind your products. They are exceptional products that I am proud to own and use. In a world of mass produced throw away junk, your products stand alone.
–Jeff W., NJ

I received my copper flask a few days ago.  All I can say is WOW!  This is a piece of art, a thing of beauty.  I scrutinized it pretty good and found nothing wrong with it, especially for a handmade item.  I am a satisfied customer and doing business with Jacob Bromwell® was an enjoyable experience.
–Richard R., NH


Recieved my tin cup today - an outstanding piece of craftsmanship; well worth the wait. I am looking forward to "sipping whiskey from a tin cup" (some Jack might be in order).
–Mike V., CA


Your company, Bromwell, is the essence of American ingenuity and persistence. Frankly, before I found your company, I was frustrated repeatedly in trying to find American-made kitchen products. Now, my frustration is ended. With your help and the internet, my problem is solved. Keep up your outstanding work.
–Ray K., VT


I will be referring everyone I know to your company.  Great customer service is rare these days.
–Anon D., NC


My flask arrived safe and sound yesterday.  What a beauty - a superb work of art.  This will be a great addition to my drinkware collection.
–George W., CA

In this day and age, your company's generosity and commitment to customer satisfaction are surprising. I am now a new faithful customer.
–Sara A., NM


I really appreciate the exceptional customer service I have received from Jacob Bromwell®.  You guys could teach other companies on how to better treat their customers.
–Sandra B., CA


My mother, who married in 1931, used your flour sifter regularly until shortly before she died in 1995. I had the sifter sitting untouched in my kitchen until this morning when I used it for the first time. I'm happy to report that it worked like a charm and it so connected me to her. What a thrilling experience!!!
–Lenore H., NM

I purchased my Bromwell sifter in about 1981, when I got my first apartment. I have used it often though the years. After using it yet again today, I thought that I would just check to see if the company was still in business. I was delighted to find that it is apparently alive and well. I certainly feel more comfortable knowing that something that touches my food is manufactured in America with American standards. I would be concerned about contaminating food with sub-par sifters or other articles that are used in food preparation. With my faithful Bromwell sifter I don't have to worry.
–Dar S., SC


I received my copper beer stein and it is simply gorgeous! My husband chilled it for a while in the refrigerator yesterday evening before pouring a beer into it. He thoroughly enjoyed it! The design reminds me of something my colonial ancestors would have used. I love it! Thank you so much. I will definitely be a permanent customer of your fantastic company!
–Susan V., MA

When I was a little girl, Mother had one of your sifters.  You can’t imagine my delight when I found one at a store here in the city.  It’s a great little sifter – easy on the palms and very effective.  This sifter and mother’s can’t be replaced.  Satisfied customer for 35 years.
–Dawn P., IL

Your excellent customer service is plenty appreciated.  Keep making quality & unique products in the USA and we'll be return customers without a doubt!
–Lynette B., CA

I saw Christmas presents for the whole family when I came across your site.  I am very much supportive of Made in America and try to buy American in everything from cars to tires to household products.  Thank you for your love of America.  I just wish more companies picked America over greed.  Please keep up the good work and be assured I will tell everyone I know about Jacob Bromwell®.
–Dave L., TX

My tin shredder has been in my life more than 50 years and I still love it!  I cannot think of anything else I have kept that long and still use almost every day.  Everyone that knows me has heard me talk about my tin shredder and how cool it is.  I could easily do 90% of my Christmas shopping on your site this year.  You make products that could last people a lifetime.
–Rocky P., VA

I bought this sifter over 55 years ago and it is still in good working shape. I could not believe the company was still around.
–Mare A., IL

I'm still using a three-cup Bromwell sifter I was given around 1980 from a elderly friend who was in her nineties at the time. I don't know when Bessie got it, but I'm guessing that she had it for at least fifty years before she gave it to me. She might even have inherited it herself.  I think it is probably made of tin. It has just the barest trace of rust near the top rim. I never wash it, and I don't believe that its former owner did either, which may explain its longevity.  I treasure this sifter, both for who gave it to me and because it has worked faithfully for more than 30 years. I looked it up this morning because a friend and I were talking sifters and I was curious what I would find. I'm glad to learn that you're still making them!
–Kay S., CA

I fell in love with your flask the moment I laid eyes on it! It is even MORE beautiful in person if that’s possible. I thought about placing it on the mantel for display and NOT using it but it’s too pretty NOT to use!
–Leslie V., NH

If you are sick of the modern lifestyle and want to take a trip back to the past, or want to show your kids or grandchildren just what Americana was all about, Jacob Bromwell® has a great authentic popcorn popper.  You can use it over an open fire, a fireplace or stove. Plan a movie night with the kids, young and old and break out this authentic piece. Your kids will never forget the adventure of going back to the days of old.  Love it!
–Terri L., MI

I love the design of your old-fashioned products - simple, functional, no-nonsense and absolutely gorgeous.  We had a blast making s'mores!
–Jaden H., FL


Thank you for the great communication and customer service!  I support what your company is doing and how you are doing it.  It's so great to find an American company that is still making things by hand!
–Timothy S., VT

The flask looks amazing — elegant and timeless.  What a beautiful work of art. Can't wait to get it in my hands.
–Patricia C., CT

I used this grater yesterday for all sorts of vegetables and began to think about it's long history in my family.  My grandmother was a excellent cook who used her talents to support the family, she raised me and I can remember her cooking all the time.   I still use the same grater she used.  It's at least 60 to 70 years old, and it still works perfectly and is still very sharp on all sides. I thought you may like to know you build quality, long lasting products. 
–Ed T., MA

My current rather beat up flour sifter is nearly 35 years old, and I could not find anything in the stores to match it.  I actually went to e-bay hoping I might find something there.  Imagine my surprise when I saw my sifter on e-bay!  When it was identified as a Bromwell sifter, I was amazed to find I could actually order another one on your website!!  When I told my mother this story, she got her sifter, which had belonged to my grandmother, and was shocked to see that hers was also a Bromwell sifter.  It's amazing the company is still in business, when you make a product that lasts this long, you can't get too many repeat orders!  Most of us will only need one for their lifetime!  Thank you for such a fine product.
–Deborah D., AZ

I have a Bromwell's Measuring Sifter. It is white with apples on it and it has the original price stamped of 59 cents! It was my mothers and now it's mine. That sifter sure got a work out but it works as good as new. With all the technology available my sifter is simple and it simply does a good job. If I ever wear out my old sifter I will order a new Bromwell sifter!
–Judy R., MO

Here's my story: I got married 43 years ago in 1969. For either a wedding present or shower present (I can't remember which), I received a Bromwell 3 cup sifter. This sifter has served me well all these years.  Thanks for a trusted product that has carried me through countless cooking sessions and 43 yearsof marriage.
–Pauline C., ME

I never even knew companies were still around that made these types of goods. They seem so antiquish in todays technological advanced society of bottled water and soft drinks.  This is a rare company.
–Roger S., NM

I can't tell you how excited I am to find this website.  I have my grandmother's sifter which has since rusted and have now decided to purchase a new one from you for my mom as well as myself.  You're definitely on my favorites list.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - you have truly made my day.
–Victoria B., CA

I am so impressed with your company!!  It is your kindness and prompt response that is refreshing (especially in this day of impersonal/high tech gadgetry and non-English-speaking operators).  So thank you!!  I look forward to the gold colander (and the sifter when it's ready).  I plan to tell my family and friends about your company.
–Janice J., NC


Recently I purchased one of your amazing 5-cup flour sifters to give to my daughter because she liked mine.  I have had it for over 40 years.  My sifter has helped me with many birthday cakes, dumplings, cookies, and rolls, and I hope to use it for many more.
–Paul R., WA

I really love your line! It reminds me of the good ol' USA BBQ's in the South where you'd be in the old country home kitchen and see all these beautiful well-made kitchen aids still hanging around passed down through the generations. I love it! It's a comforting feel...just like home.
–Jodi G., VA

We live in a pretty tight neighborhood, where we do a lot of activities like cookouts and s'mores in the evenings with all the kids. I have to pry the popper out of my neighbor's hands. Everyone loved it!
–Brian M., UT

It is comforting to know that I am dealing with a company that still makes its products in the USA and offers great service. Thanks for such great customer service.
–Larry B., IN

As I was going through the website, I came across your campfire popcorn popper.  I was instantly struck by the fact that it looked exactly how I remember the popcorn popper my father used to use in the fireplace when I was growing up. I started reminiscing about my youth and the great fun we had popping the popcorn and having some real nice family time.  That fireplace popcorn popper my family used for my entire childhood never broke or had to be replaced.  It would be still in use today if I had the foresight to take it when my parents sold their house.
–Michael S., VA

Thanks so much for your quick reply!  That’s good customer service!  I just “stole” my mom’s Bromwell’s 5-cup sifter from her (she’s 80 and doesn’t cook or bake anymore; she told me I could have it!) and it still works like a charm.  It’s been around her house as long as I can remember!  I’ve had a 3-cup one for approximately 43 years!  What prompted me to check to see if you all were still even in business was because I was at my daughter’s over Christmas and she has a brand new sifter where you squeeze the handle, and it has several screens, and it was AWFUL!  She’s left-handed, so when I saw I could get a left-handed one I was really excited!
–Susan V., FL    


There’s nothing more special in this world than owning a piece of history, and I was so glad to have stumbled across your products online.  I am a huge proponent of family outings and gatherings and love to find items like these.  I support and love this country and all it has done for my family over the years.  Thanks for keeping your items American-made.
–Anne W., NY


This is a replacement for the exact same ricer I purchased 25 or 30 years ago.  I didn’t think they made them anymore.  My kitchen wouldn’t be complete without it.  Great quality!
–Jackie A., IL

I grew up in the small coal mining town of Panther, West Virginia.   Named for the Panthers that use to roam the hills.   My grandfather built the house we lived in, and when he passed, my Single mother, moved my brother and me to the farmhouse to care for our grandmother.  The kitchen was such a central part of our lives.  Fresh eggs from the hen house, growing our own vegetables, and making our own cakes and pies.  Your Sifter was very loved, and used everyday by my mother, and me as I grew older.   We sifted flour for biscuit to make them extra fluffy, many times I would use an old mixing bowl to sift the flour to catch my fly aways when first learning to turn the sifter handle.  The sifter was an integral part of every single meal.   My favorite breakfast was homemade pancakes, with our grocery store more than an hour away, we sifted the softest  flour for heavenly pancakes.  I use to love the whole process of scooping the flour from our flour bin, getting my bowl, and holding that sifter to work its magic.  The sound of the sifter was like listening to the hum of a finely tuned instrument.  It's the sound that would roust my brother and me from bed on a frosty cold morning, hearing my mother sifting meant there would be a delicious breakfast to follow.
–Sabrina S., TX


In this era of offshoring of production, especially in regards to metalworking, it’s refreshing to see a company, such as Jacob Bromwell®, not only resist that temptation, but bring back traditional American metalwork.  Not only that, but this is a celebration of hand-craftsmanship.
–Alex K., MA


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