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Original Popcorn Popper


"Works over a campfire or the kitchen stove. You're not still making popcorn in the microwave, are you?" — Esquire Magazine

You've found it: that old-time popper you love, made right here in the USA. With the kiddos crunching and laughing away, there’s no better way to bring family and friends together than the good old fashioned way. Our Original Popcorn Popper is a durable customer favorite, and it's still made at the Bromwell factory in the heart of Indiana's popcorn country. Kids love watching the kernels magically transform into fluffy popcorn, whether it’s used over an open fire or kitchen stovetop. A historical marvel and work of art, this American classic is still 100% built in the USA and is now in its 195th year of production, having maintained its original design since it was given the gift of life in the early 1800s. Whether it's used for movie nights at home or ghost stories around the campfire, start creating family memories that last a lifetime - with a bit of oil, a pinch of salt, and a dash of nostalgia.


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Poppin' Information About Your Original Popcorn Popper:

  • A Jacob Bromwell® product is an investment for life. Only our company manufactures these quality old-fashioned popcorn poppers! Many other popcorn poppers imitate the original Bromwell design. None are made as well, and none have the history to back them up. See how it's made here at our Factory Tour!
  • It can be used over any open fire 3.5 quart capacity lets you evenly pops popcorn over an open fire, as well as a stove top (gas, wood, or electric).
  • Available in both 'original tin' and 'stainless steel'. As a company that prides itself on the authenticity of its products, this Heritage Collection product is available in 'original tin', which is the same material that our company used nearly two centuries ago. For those who prefer a more premium material, we are now offering this product in 'stainless steel' as well for an additional cost. As a premium material, stainless steel has a shinier finish than tin, is a bit heavier, and is rust-resistant.
  • Much better than microwave popcorn. Unlike microwave popcorn with low popping ratio, our popcorn popper features automatic steam venting and promises super fast and consistent popcorn every time!
  • Durable and non-electric. The durable and non-electric design has held up all these years, and it's fun for the entire family!
  • It's comfortable to use. Wood handle promises to keep your hands cool.
  • 100% free instruction & recipe pamphlet included. The recipe booklet will let you enjoy delicious popcorn recipes for weeks!
  • Stainless steel is guaranteed not to rust. These popcorn poppers are now available in quality stainless steel and guaranteed not to rust.
  • Product care: Hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher.
  • Dimensions and weight: 5 x 8 x 25 (inches), 2.00 (pounds).
  • Minor cosmetic imperfections may occur. Small imperfections are a natural part of the handmade process and lend charm, depth, and individuality to each piece.
  • This product is guaranteed for life. Your purchase is backed by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.
  • It's proudly made in America. Still Made in the USA, even after all these years. Buy American and save jobs.

Jacob Bromwell® is the trusted authority of American-made housewares. Download our 100% free e-book and learn about the history of popcorn in America!

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Product Rating :
Long handle ensures it's safe to use.
Product Rating :
This product has AMAZING packaging. Get the one with the box and you'll be blown away. Honestly I didn't even want to take it out, I justwanted to keep it in the packaging.
Lynn O.
Product Rating :
It makes really great popcorn, and it's FUN! Makes just the right amount for 2 people. Washes up easy.
Product Rating :
Product Rating :
Quite simply, it does the job but it is just a little bit flimsy when it comes to the handle in my humble opinion. A minor thing and I'm picky, but besides that great product.
Product Rating :
It's the company's best seller so I had to try it out. Good product, fair price.
Product Rating :
Great for backyard or campouts. Tastes better than microwave. Canola spray, heat it up, throw a few kernels in, when they pop it's ready for use. Pop corn and enjoy. Suggestion, use a splatter screen and cooking mitts for safeties sake, common sense. Seasoned salt, too.
Product Rating :
Your kids will never forget the adventure of going back to the days of old. Love it!
Product Rating :
If you are sick of the modern lifestyle and want to take a trip back to the past, or want to show your kids or grandchildren just what Americana was all about, Jacob Bromwell has you covered.
Product Rating :
simply gorgeous! This will be a great addition to my kitchen

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Original Popcorn Popper