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Ben Franklin Beer Stein


Benjamin Franklin once famously said that beer was "living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." He was too busy to make his own beer, but he certainly enjoyed partaking in it, and we've named our copper beer stein in his honor. While beer may have its roots in Europe, settlers brought their own recipes, and started one of America's oldest traditions. So it only makes sense that our period-accurate beer stein is made in the USA from pure copper, and shares the same qualities as some of the best modern American beers: handcrafted in small batches by red-blooded American artisans who take pride in their work. And since copper is a natural insulator, you can sip slowly while your ale stays perfectly chilled. So raise a toast with family and friends and bring America alive as you down your favorite brew in an American made beer stein. Sure, it's expensive, but who ever said authenticity was cheap?

Both decorative and functional

Our copper beer stein holds 32 fluid ounces (it is regulation-size for any and all beer-cheering gatherings)!

A Jacob Bromwell® original design

Bromwell is the original manufacturer of these quality copper beer steins! Other companies may imitate the original Bromwell design. None are made as well, and none have the history to back them up.

The Brewed Lowdown About Your Ben Franklin Beer Stein:

  • A Jacob Bromwell® product is an investment for life. Copper is sky-high on the commodities market today, and there are up to five red-blooded American workers involved in the creation of this copper masterpiece. Every step in our unique manufacturing process is still done by hand. It's a passion our company is unwilling to give up. See how it's made here at our Factory Tour!
  • A Jacob Bromwell® original design. Bromwell is the original manufacturer of these quality copper beer steins! Other companies may imitate the original Bromwell design. None are made as well, and none have the history to back them up.
  • Both decorative and functional. Our copper beer stein holds 32 fluid ounces (it’s regulation-size for any and all beer-cheering gatherings)!
  • Made of pure, solid copper and features our proprietary hot-tinned interior. Considered to be a long lost art, hot-tinning is a manufacturing process pioneered by Jacob Bromwell® nearly 200 years ago. As a highly-skilled, labor-intensive process, we take sheets of tin and apply it through a process of heating directly to the copper. Hot-tinning makes each piece unique and historically-correct to the original design, and ensures your product is food and beverage safe.
  • Copper will never rust. Copper is resistant to corrosion and will never rust. If left untreated, the copper finish will naturally oxidize and age beautifully. You can polish it up to restore its shiny finish, or let it earn a beautiful patina.
  • Product care: Hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher.
  • Dimensions and weight: 5.5 x 3.2 x 6 (inches), 1.65 (pounds).
  • Minor cosmetic imperfections may occur. Small imperfections are a natural part of the handmade process and lend charm, depth, and individuality to each piece.
  • This product is guaranteed for life. Your purchase is backed by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.
  • It's proudly made in America. Still Made in the USA, even after all these years. Buy American and save jobs.

product specifications


1.6500 (pounds)


Pure Copper


5.5 x 3.2 x 6 (inches)

made in

Vermont Workshop

made by

Jacob Bromwell® Artisans


Hand Wash Only


Everyday: Field


Lifetime Guarantee

key points

•Made in Small Batches
•Decorative & Functional
•Heirloom Quality
•Hard to Find
•Hand Soldered
•Made in USA

"Drinking from this stein is celebrating America and its rich history of hops and barley."

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Rodney E
Product Rating :
Well made! My new favorite stein!
Product Rating :
This is a nice product. I love drink my favourite beverage with this. The mug comfortably holds a 32oz beer and I tasted nothing metallic or odd.
Product Rating :
Very nice product, I like to drink my favourite beer with this. Well made and designed.
Product Rating :
I bought this for my birthday party. It was a good product made with good quality of copper.It Keep the Beer cold and that's most important.
Product Rating :
Nice to have this one. like its classy look.
Product Rating :
Awesome product!Good quality.Happy thing is it hold up to 32 oz liquid.
Product Rating :
Bought this for my boyfriend, it really nice. It arrived in perfect condition and my boyfriend loved it. The copper finish is bright and shiny without getting gaudy.
Product Rating :
This stein is tournament size and perfect in every way! Such a cool item, thanks guys.
Billie Brewski
Product Rating :
This one is the best. Pour a whole bomber of your favorite strong ale or stout and have some breathing room to spare. I tried to keep it shiny for a while, but now enjoy the patina. If you need a serious session mug, look no further.
Josh Benton
Product Rating :
Love this, but the company sold out after I placed my first order. Now I see they have more in stock.

10 Item(s)

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Ben Franklin Beer Stein