Logan Ranch Dinner Bell-A History

Logan Ranch Dinner Bell-A History

The product of the month for October is the Logan Ranch Dinner Bell. Dinner Bells date back to the beginning of the twentieth century where a farm bell ringing at noon would signify dinner time. The sturdy metal bell was often mounted on a post, just outside of the kitchen door. It could be rung for meals and used to sound a prearranged message to the fields. Farm bells were purchased at a general store in town, or ordered through a mail-order catalogue.

Some of the first farm bells have been found on the top of Scandinavian barns where they were rung to call the farmers in from the fields at the end of the day. No matter where you choose to display your antique bell it is sure to add a touch of country warmth to your home. Farm bells are still a great way to call the kids in for the day no matter where you live. If you decide to keep your bell outside then ensure that it is protected as much as possible from the elements to help maintain a beautiful tone and excellent condition.

Save your voice and ring a Western Cowboy triangle dinner bell instead! Bells like ours were once used daily by pioneers, ranchers, and trail cooks to call the kids in for lunch, bring the hands in for supper, and to let the cattle drovers know it was time for the evening grub. Attached to the back of a chuck wagon or hung from the porch, that sweet, distinct clang always meant one thing: something hot was on the table. Today, Jacob Bromwell® is making them the same way and on the original machines from the pioneer days of America. Whether you’re a cattle wrangler or you just feel like one sometimes, our classic triangle-style dinner bell will find a welcome place in your home. With its timeless shape and bright, ringing tone, when sounded for a meal, a house meeting, or just for the fun of it, it’s sure to get everyone’s attention.

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