No Oil, Same Great Pop

No Oil, Same Great Pop

You modern folks are always watching your waistlines. Back in my day, we didn't pay mind to calories and fatty foods, especially as we got plenty of exercise harvesting food, chopping wood, and tending to livestock. But knowing my products would last lifetimes, I was always thinking ahead. It was 1820, and I was working in my old wooden shop on our family's homestead one hot, sweltering summer morning. The orange glow of the sun was beginning to peak above the horizon, birds chirping in the background against a pale blue sky. Having recently harvested corn, I decided to put a twist on my original popcorn popper, naming it the Healthy Popcorn Popper. All of the same great features as my Original Popcorn Popper, but it uses no oil, giving you a low-fat snack. I knew it would pop corn, a vegetable…and who doesn't know that vegetables are healthy?!? Also, I knew nothing beats the ol' fashioned gathering of friends, neighbors, and family in thy home that would make any ma and pa proud. I also realized my invention would be able to be used over and over again at a campfire, over fireplace logs, and even on a kitchen stove. Just don't take my word for it. Check out my old fashioned Healthy Popcorn Popper and see for yourself.

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