America's Oldest & Best Kept Secret

America's Oldest & Best Kept Secret

We live in a time of rapid technological advancement and value placed on superficial, luxury goods.

Companies around the world work endlessly to create something new or build a "better mousetrap” for the everyday consumer. In an age when businesses live or die by the next new thing, Jacob Bromwell® has thrived by making the same products the same way for more than 200 years. They’re made with authentic materials and feature original styling. And–practically speaking–many Jacob Bromwell® products are obsolete in design and function by 200 years.

On the surface level, this makes no sense whatsoever. We are taught to believe that companies must be innovative, that products must be cutting-edge, and that mass-market penetration must be achieved in order to reach long-term sustainability. So how can a company that has not “stayed current with the times” for 200 years continue to have customers? And how can it expect to remain relevant for years to come?

It’s because Jacob Bromwell® is not in the product business. Strictly speaking, most Jacob Bromwell® products aren’t even close to being as functional and convenient as what’s widely available on the market today.

This is worth repeating: We are not in the product business. It’s not about the products we are selling. It’s not about flasks, popcorn poppers, flour sifters, or cheese graters. Our products serve as tangible proof of what we stand for. It’s what we stand for–our purpose, our cause, our belief–that has allowed Jacob Bromwell® to remain in business for 200 years. And it’s this same purpose that will allow Jacob Bromwell® to flourish for centuries to come.

We are often asked about the Jacob Bromwell® logo and what it stands for. Our logo is the man's own mark, made with his own hand. Jacob Bromwell's signature is a tin cup:

It's awkward.
It's imperfect.
It's inefficient.
It's real.
It's authentic.

First and foremost, our brand stands for authenticity, which to us is about embracing the intrinsic value of the past despite any of its technical shortcomings. Our brand stands for finding joy in the simple, pure, and genuine American past as an antidote to our over-perfected modern lifestyle. It stands for re-experiencing childlike curiosity, independence, freedom, and adventure. It stands for perpetuating the traditional American values and virtues upon which this great country was founded. And it stands for rugged individualism, good citizenship, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Simply put, we’re in the business of creating memories and making people smile. What we are really selling is an emotional journey: away from the madness of modern life and into nostalgia, tradition, respect, and the longing for a simpler era. Our singular goal with every product we ship is to take people on that journey. We hope to bring the excitement of American history into the homes and kitchens of millions of customers.

Jacob Bromwell® is one of America's oldest stories, and each and every one of us is history’s last link with it. If we give up on Jacob Bromwell®, it disappears into history. All those stories, all that character, will all be forgotten in the midst of Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber.

We ask that you join us. Join us in our movement to keep American manufacturing strong, to keep jobs at home, and to keep the Jacob Bromwell® story alive as an anchor for future generations.

Thank you for your support.

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