Fuquay Varina Mineral Springs | Jacob Bromwell® Passport

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Fuquay Varina Mineral Springs | Jacob Bromwell® Passport

written by Kent Williams, Jacob Bromwell® Customer Service Rep.

Just a few minutes outside of Raleigh, NC is a gorgeous little town called Fuquay Varina, NC. Its historic downtown is just as picturesque as you'd imagine any southern small town to be with Main Street being lined with small mom & pop shops, cafes & breweries. While you are there, you can't help but absorb the delicious smells of the freshly baked goods from the local bakery. 

Right off of Main Street rests a small park that holds the secret that put Fuquay Varina on the map. A mineral spring was discovered here in 1858 by Davey Crocket Fuquay and Stephen Fuquay while plowing on their father's farm. The Mineral Spring was believed to have healing powers and visitors came from far and wide to partake of the mineral waters. From the years 1900 to 1930, thousands of people visited the spring to drink the mineral water reputed to cure kidney and intestinal ailments.

Today, the mineral spring is commemorated within the Fuquay Mineral Spring Park. Located near downtown Fuquay, Fuquay Mineral Spring Park offers an easily accessible open space with a restored springhouse, memorial brick path, picnic tables and a footbridge. A concrete set of steps takes you down to a pipe that allows the spring to flow continuously into a stream that wraps around the park. I brought my trusted Vermonter & Skull Flasks along so I could test the "healing powers" of the spring for myself. While I can't say I was healed of anything, the spring water was super cold and crisp - so it was totally worth the trip. 

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