A Man of His Word: The Jacob Bromwell® Guarantee

My pappy most certainly was a man of his word. If a neighbor needed help with a barn raising, my father would be there on time, hammer ready in the hand. If he borrowed a gold coin from a pal, he'd repay him within a week's time. And when he was courting my ma, he'd be waiting on my grandparents' porch when he said he would--even if it sometimes meant that ma was the one keeping him waiting!

I suppose that folks like my father are hard to come by these days. That's why Jacob Bromwell, Inc. has always offered a lifetime guarantee on all of my products, going back to 1819. We care about each and every product that goes out our door. Our promise to you is simple: If you're not 100% satisfied with a Jacob Bromwell product, we'll offer you a complete refund on it--no questions asked. It's one of the reasons why loyal customers purchase Jacob Bromwell products over and over again, and pass them onto younger generations.

Scout's honor. And if you'd like to save 10% on an order, just enter this here code into your shopping cart and punch that "apply coupon" button: JACOB10.

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